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Recycled Gift Wrap with Sari Ribbon Yarn Bows

At Darn Good Yarn we are all about sharing love and recycling! That's why we are obsessed with eco-friendly gift giving!! Keep reading to learn a fun, quick way to wrap your gifts with 100% recycled materials!

Materials and Supplies

  • Sari Ribbon Yarn
  • Scissors 
  • Tape 
  • Recycled Kraft Shopping Bags


Step 1: Recycle a paper bag from the grocery or another store/restaurant. Cut it open to get the biggest surface and remove the handles.


Step 2: Wrap your gift/gifts and stack them up. Wrap the package with Sari Ribbon and tie it up in a knot.


Step 3: Add extra pieces to the knot to create a fluffy bow.


Step 4: Another fun part of gift giving is the note that goes with it. Cut part of the paper bag into a rectangle and fold it to create a card. Cut a smaller piece and adhere it to the inside to make it sturdy. Punch two holes and tie Sari ribbon through them to create a bow. It's so darling and eco-friendly at the same time!