Recycled Gift Wrap with Sari Ribbon Yarn Bows

Recycled Gift Wrap with Sari Ribbon Yarn Bows

At Darn Good Yarn we are all about sharing love and recycling! That's why we are obsessed with eco-friendly gift giving!! Keep reading to learn a fun, quick way to wrap your gifts with 100% recycled materials!

Materials and Supplies

  • Sari Ribbon Yarn
  • Scissors 
  • Tape 
  • Recycled Kraft Shopping Bags


Step 1: Recycle a paper bag from the grocery or another store/restaurant. Cut it open to get the biggest surface and remove the handles.


Step 2: Wrap your gift/gifts and stack them up. Wrap the package with Sari Ribbon and tie it up in a knot.


Step 3: Add extra pieces to the knot to create a fluffy bow.


Step 4: Another fun part of gift giving is the note that goes with it. Cut part of the paper bag into a rectangle and fold it to create a card. Cut a smaller piece and adhere it to the inside to make it sturdy. Punch two holes and tie Sari ribbon through them to create a bow. It's so darling and eco-friendly at the same time!