DIY Recycled Dreamcatcher - Darn Good Yarn

DIY Recycled Dreamcatcher

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Darn Good Yarn Recycled Sari Silk Multicolored Ribbon Yarn "Tibet Jewels"

Step By Step

Step 1

Gather Materials

  • Darn Good Yarn Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon
  • Darn Good Yarn Variegated Thick & Thin Wool Yarn
  • Darn Good Yarn Worsted Weight Merino Wool Yarn
  • Base yarn of your choosing
  • Scissors
  • Metal Floral Wreath (12 inches)

Step 2

Using the Worsted Weight Yarn as the warp, ball up a small sized ball that will fit through the yarn sections.

Step 3

Tape down the warp at any point on the innermost ring in order to keep it in place!

Step 4

Begin to wrap the yarn around the metal wreath. Bring the yarn directly across from the taped section, over the innermost ring of the metal wreath, and tape it down. Continue to bring the yarn back across the wreath, about an inch to the left of the original warp you taped down. Wrap the yarn under this time, then tape it down.

Step 5

Continue this over/under process as you work your way across and around the wreath - you will want to end with an odd number of points

Step 6

Cut sections of the Variegated Thick & Thin wool, and begin weaving it over and under the weft, working from the inside out.

Step 7

Feel free to alternate between different types of yarn!

Step 8

When you have about an inch gap between the yarn circle you just wove, and the inner ring of the metal wreath, remove the tape from the warp points.

Step 9

Cut strands of Recycled sari Silk Ribbon and weave through the metal portion (starting from the outside, and weaving over/under the different rings, keeping each subsequent strand close to the prior)

Step 10

Finish covering all the empty space in the outer ring with the sari silk ribbon


Step 11

Finish the inner section with the Variegated Thick and Thin Wool (where you left off in Step 8)

Step 12

Cut strands of the Sari Silk Ribbon to create the ribbons that will dangle from the bottom of the Dreamcatcher (make these as long or as short as you would like!)

Step 13

To attach them, simply tie them on the out ring of the bottom of the dreamcatcher!