Kid's Craft Box: Pom Pom Animals Tutorial - Darn Good Yarn

Kid's Craft Box: Pom Pom Animals Tutorial


Darn Good Yarn's very own Customer Service Specialist, Kate Curry, walks you through a fun DIY Kid's Craft using our Darn Good Kids Craft Box. Cut the screen time and get the kids creating with this easy step-by-step tutorial.

Materials List:

  • Pom Pom Kit (included) 

  • Paper (included) 

  • Glue (not included) 

  • Marker (not included) 


Step One - Pom-Pom Assembly 

Open your DIY faux fur pom pom kit included in the Darn Good Kids Craft Box and follow DIY Faux Fur Pom-Pom Tutorial steps 1-3. :) Close-up of faux pom-pom kit instructions and assembly in progress with needle, thread and teal handled scissors on wooden desk.


Step Two - Drawing Animal Faces

Using your notepad included in your bundle, draw some cute little animal faces. 

Hand-drawn bunny face on white paper with red marker.


Step Three - Assemble Pom-Pom Animals

Cut the animal faces out and glue (not included) to your pom pom. You now have some darn cute furry buddies!

Two animal-faced pom-poms on a white window sill.