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How To Loom Knit A Beanie

Written by Kate Curry

Loom knitting is an easy entry into the fiber art world! This artform is very forgiving and most projects can be finished within a few days! Loom knit along with us and create your own loom knit beanie, I promise, it’s easy! 


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Let's Get Started!

We’re going to triple up the yarn to make it extra chunky! Watch our tutorial here. 

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With the slip knot made by the thickening of our yarn, attach the yarn to the anchor peg. 

Round 1: EW your loom in a clockwise direction.  

Round 2: EW the loom clockwise again and YO. 


Round 3: For this round, you’re going to alternate every peg between K and P. This is where you’ll use those stitch markers to mark what is a K peg and what is a P peg. Since this loom has an uneven amount of pegs, I end each round with two P. 

A pale hand with mint green nail polish is holding a knitting loom. The loom has a project on it, the brim of a beanie, made out of Darn Good Yarn's worsted weight silk yarn in watercolors: a yarn that looks like a multicolored rainbow.

Round 4-10: Keep alternating between K and Pl for each peg. 

Round 11: EW clockwise and YO 


Round 12-14: EW clockwise and YO 

Round 15: P each peg

Round 16-35: Repeat rounds 12-15. That’s 3 rounds of EW and YO and one round of P. 

Round 36-37: K all pegs 


Wrap your working yarn around the loom 2 times and cut. Using your needle, insert the working yarn from the bottom of the loop and pull up. Do this to all pegs. Once the working yarn has been woven up through all the pegs, remove the yarn from the pegs. 

While holding the working yarn, turn your beanie inside out. Cinch the beanie up by pulling tightly on the working yarn. Knot the working yarn at the cinch and cut. Weave in any ends. Turn your beanie outside in and weave in any ends.

A finished loom knit beanie made out of rainbow yarn is laying on a green and gold marble table. On the beanie is a green knitting loom hook and to the left of the beanie is a notebook and a little bit of the large pink circle loom that was used to make the beanie.

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