Dragonflies are mystical creatures. Some say that if you follow a dragonfly they will lead you to where the fairies live! We say if you follow this rainbow pattern it will lead you to your happy place. With notions of sewing, crocheting and knitting, make this magical little pouch for your coloring supplies. 

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Skill Level: advanced beginners

Craft: Crocheting, Knitting and Sewing 


Yarn: 1 skein (50 grams/75 yards) Worsted Weight Silk Roving Yarn by Darn Good Yarn
Hooks: I/5.5mm and H/5mm
Time: 2 hours
Gauge: not important


SC – single crochet 
HDC – half double crochet 
HDC2TOG - half double crochet together 
DC – double crochet 
CH SP – chain space
SS – slip stitch


HDC and DC – do not skip space(s) after turning chain.

Dragonfly Notion Pencil Pouch

Chain 26 with size I/5.5mm hook (25CH,1Chain up)

Rows 1-10
Foundation made by HDC in back bumps of chain (25 HDC) 
Mark front of work with stitch marker or safety pin
Chain up one, counts as a HDC stitch, 25 HDC across and turn.
*repeat above 9 more times for a total of 10 rows. Turn.

The Fold - Row 11
Chain up one,1 HDC as normal, Front loops 23 HDC, last stitch 1 HDC as normal. Turn. (25 HDC)
Mark front fold line with stitch marker. Turn.
Rows 12-22
Back to regular HDC stitches
Chain up one, HDC across (25 HDC) turn.
*repeat above 11 more times for a total of 12 rows.
The back is taller than the front. Turn.

THE 2nd FOLD – start of the Dragonfly flap
The Fold - Row 23
Chain up one, 1 HDC as normal, Front loops 23 HDC, last stitch 1 HDC as normal. Turn. (25 HDC)
Mark front fold line with stitch marker. Turn.
Please switch hook to H/5.0mm and use Double Crochet stitches for Dragonfly Shape

The Dragonfly Tail
Using a size H/5.0mm hook you'll notice the flap will start to taper slightly and follow curves of Dragonfly wings. 
Double Crochet (DC) is used to create the Dragonfly shape.

Dragonfly tail
Row 24-26
Chain 2 up, 12 DC, CH1 skipping the stitch below, 12 DC and Turn. (12DC, 1CH SP 12DC)
*repeat above 2 more times.

First set of Dragonfly Wings
Row 27
Chain 2 up. DC 6, CH6 skipping 6 stitches, SC in tail space below. CH6 skip 6 stitches, DC 6. Turn.
(6DC,CH6,SC,CH6,6DC) 25 DC total

Second set of Dragonfly Wings
Row 28
Chain 2 up. DC 4, CH8 skipping stitches below, SC in middle of SC below. CH8, skipping stitches below, DC 4. Turn.
(4DC,CH8,SC,CH8,4DC) 25 DC total

Head of the Dragonfly
Row 29
Please switch to HDC.
Chain up one, 4 HDC to Chain. In back loops of Chain HDC 8, Slip Stitch into SC below, HDC 8 in back bumps of chain. 4 DC. Turn.
(12DC,1SS,12DC) 25 total
Round edges
Chain up one, HDC2TOG, HDC to middle. HDC2TOG before & after the center slip stitch to bring the middle together. HDC to the last two stitches and HDC2TOG. 1 Slip Stitch to bring corner down. 
Cut yarn.
Finishing Dragonfly Flap
Top stitch around corner to corner, to give finishing touch to flap.

Note To make Dragonfly pop you may want to add additional lining to your pouch. If so go to the lining options below before you sew together.
Sewing using the extra yarn.
Fold together. Stitch markers are on the outside. Top stitch sew or crochet together the base panel to the 10 rows of the 2nd back panel. Reminder back panel is 2 rows taller. Do not include these 2 rows. 

Sari Silk Fat Quarters by Darn Good Yarn
1 new or very sharp needle
Optional Supplies
No sew hemming tape
No sew felt or fleece
Button, Snap, magnet, or fastener for flap

Least amount of sewing:

  1. Sew together as above.
  2. Using Sari Silk, felt or no sew fleece cut out a small shape to cover just your Dragonfly shape.  Open front flap and whip stitch to back of the Dragonfly.
  3. Add fastener if you wish.

More sewing skills:
  1. Using Darn Good Yarn Sari Fat Quarters cut out a rectangle of the entire . Hem the edges using a sewing machine or iron on hemming tape. Whip stitch Silk Sari to the back of your entire tapered rectangle.
  2. Sew together as above.
  3. Add fastener if you wish.

Dragon Fly Pencil Pouch Open