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DIY Pom Pom Kit Tutorial

Are you the proud owner of the Faux Fur DIY Pom Pom Kit ?

Lucky you!

Pom poms are the perfect accent for so many creative pieces, but they can be a pain to make. Our kit makes it easy to whip up some faux fur pom poms in minutes! 


A DGY DIY purple&pink pom pom kit and it's contents: two faux fur circles, filler, needles, thread, buttons, and paper instructions
Contents of a Faux Fur DIY Pom Pom Kit

A Faux Fur DIY Pom Pom Kit, which includes:

  • Faux Fur Rounds
  • Filler Balls
  • Thread
  • Needles
  • Snaps
  • Scissors (not included)

Let's Get Started!

Step 1:

Thread the needle and tie the ends together leaving a tail for tying off later. 

A hand is pushing a white thread through a needle. Beneath the hand is a faux fur round.

Step 2:

Insert needle into fur backing along the edge of the work, pull needle through the two threads at the knotted end and tighten to fasten in place.
A person's hand is holding onto the fur backing. A needle is speared through the right side of the fur backing

Step 3:

Weave needle in and out of backing along the edge all the way around until you reach the beginning.
A hand holding the fur backing with the needle and thread woven through the side of the backing.

Step 4:

Cinch loosely and add the ball inside.

The pom-pom fur backing is resting on a white background. The pom-pom is not fully sewn shut, showing off the white ball that acts as the stuffing for the pom-pom

Step 5:

Cinch tightly and tie off using the tail from the beginning.

A hand holding a fully formed faux fur pom-pom ball!

Step 6:

Use the remaining thread to sew the snap into place, being sure to catch the backing so it stays in place.

A hand is holding the faux fur pom pom, where in the center there is now a snap sewn into place.

Step 7:

Use the remaining tail to tie off again and trim the thread.

Sew the other end of the snap to the fabric you’re fastening the pom too. 

A hand holding the fully finished pom-pom, metal snap facing up.

Congratulations, you’re all done!

You’ve now made yourself a couple of cute faux fur pom poms.


A little girl wearing pink, white, and purple winter clothes is wearing the brown bear hat and smiling widely for the camera.

This tutorial was made by the creative wonder that is Courtney Batchelder also known as @the_happy_peapod