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Cheap And Easy DIY Wedding Decor That Doesn't Look Cheap Or Easy

With venue hunting, guest listing, envelope addressing, vendor searching, and dress shopping and fitting to name a few, bride-to-be's have a lot on their plates!(Well, perhaps not as much money in their checking accounts or as many french fries as they did pre-wedding planning...)

1. Fabric Wedding Streamers 

Avoid any rice, flower petals, or glitter and go with an eco-friendly alternative that your guests will be sure to love! They're super easy to make and with all of our ribbon yarn colorways, we can match your wedding colors perfectly! 

A married couple are walking down a set of stone steps, their guests at each side of the stairs and waving ribbon yarn wants in excitement.

Follow along with the tutorial here

What you'll need: Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn or Lace Weight Silk Yarn

2. Tissue Paper Flowers

With these easy tissue paper flowers, you can create paper flower garlands, decorate DIY wreaths, create fun photo booth backdrops, and much more! The opportunities are endless! 

View the tissue paper flower tutorial here.

3. Framed Photo Display

Collect your favorite photos and string them on a piece of hemp or yarn using clothespins. Then, hang the yarn across a recycled palette, empty frame, old shutters, off small tree branches, or across a mirror!

Against a wooden wall, a frame of photos are pinned to strands of string with wooden clothespins

What you'll need: Single Ply Hemp Yarn

4. Rustic Hemp Lantern

These romantic, subtle, twinkling lights can be added as a centerpiece, strung along the dessert table, or hung from the ceiling.

On a deck, a pair of hemp ball lanterns are hung up underneath a dark blue umbrella at a white iron table.

View the Rustic Hemp Lantern tutorial here!

What you'll need: Single Ply Hemp Yarn

5. Hemp Wrapped Bridesmaids Bouquets

These hemp wrapped bridesmaids bouquets are the embodiment of a natural, eco-friendly wedding. Create these simple, vintage bouquets by simply tying strands of hemp around the bottom of the bouquet, and then wrapping one strand all the way up the bouquet. Finish off with a dab of hot glue. Or, you can wrap two long strands up to the top, crossing the strands over one another. Once you reach the top, tie the two strands into a bow!

On the floor, resting up against a wooden wall, are three different bouquets of small white flowers, their stems wrapped in blue ribbons, pearls, and hemp yarn.

What you'll need: Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn, Single Ply Hemp Yarn

6. Sari Silk Bridal Bouquets

A Sari Silk Bridal Bouquet pairs well with any wedding style. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, classic, or vintage feel, the beauty and simplicity of Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon will add that perfect extra touch to your bouquet!

5 women, all wearing different warm shades of pink/orange, are posing outside, each holding a golden hoop adored with flowers, leaves, and white ribbons.

What you'll need: Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn

7. Sari Silk Ribbon Aisle Decorations

Tie together your bouquet and aisle decorations by using one or two of the same flowers, some Sari Silk Ribbon of the same color. For the aisle, take the two flowers, wrap tulle around the chair or bench the flowers will be hanging off of, and secure the flowers in the tulle with a Sari Silk Ribbon bow.

A couple sit, slightly out of focus, in their chairs. On the backs of their chairs are streamers of red, gray, and white ribbon trailing down the back of the chair.
Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

What you'll need: Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn

8. Ribbon + Lace Photo Backdrop

Cover up any awkward walls, or create your own photo booth with a Ribbon + Lace Photo Backdrop! Arrange props, such as sunglasses, champagne glasses, hats, and chalkboard signs on a table. provide a Polaroid or disposal camera for guests to take their own quirky photos.

A ribbon and lace photo backdrop, made of white and different shades of pink ribbon and lace. At the center is a white table with two champagne flutes on the tabletop.
Photo: Oh Lovely Day

Check out the Backdrop tutorial here!

What you'll need: Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn

9. DIY Yarn Bottles

Take old wine bottles (most of which were probably drunk during the planning process…) and upcycle them using only yarn and a hot glue gun! Use these bottles as centerpieces, or arrange them on your dessert or card table. Create an ombre look by using our Herbal Dye Pack, or use our Banana Fiber or Sari Ribbon Cording

Different bottles, filled with flowers, have been wrapped with soft and neutral shades of yarn.
Photo: Deer Pearl Flowers

View the DIY Yarn Bottle tutorial here

What you'll need: Single Ply Hemp Yarn or Lace Weight Silk Yarn

10. Bowtie Wedding Program Fans

Keep your guests cool during warm spring and summer weddings with these Wedding Program Fans! Simply print your program on a piece (or 2 pieces) of cardstock, then glue them (the print side facing out) onto a popsicle stick. Add a simple, elegant touch by tying a beautiful ribbon around it!

A wedding program is stuck into the white sand of the back by its handle, a bright blue ribbon wrapped around the bottom of the program.

What you'll need: Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn

11. Yarn Wrapped Table Numbers

When people see yarn, they think of family, and they think of love. Bring this warm message to each table with yarn wrapped table numbers. Place them in a bouquet of flowers, and voila! A natural, beautiful centerpiece.

The number 14, wrapped in grey, white, and pink yarn, has been stuck into a floral arrangement.
Photo: Something Turquoise

Check out the tutorial here

What you'll need: Lace Weight Silk Yarn

12. DIY Yarn Art Signs

If you're looking for a way to diversify the signs around your reception area, try a Yarn Art Sign! Inscribe any word, phrase, or symbol with nails, then weave yarn around the tops. 

A married couple sit at their main table, kissing each other. Behind them is a large yarn sign, made of multiple colors, that reads 'My Beloved'

Check out our yarn art tutorial here

What you'll need: Single Ply Hemp Yarn

13. Hula Hoop Wreath

A Hula Hoop Wreath is a cheap and easy way to add decorations to walls, centerpieces, or other tables! Embellish your hula hoop with greenery, hemp, colorful ribbon, balloons, or pom poms. 

From a tree, two large blue hula hoop flower wreaths are hanging from the branches. The hoops are decorated with orange, purple, and green flowers.

Learn to make your own Hula Hoop Wreath here.

14. Flower and Ribbon Name Cards

 Write each guests name on a gift tag, loop a small piece of ribbon around it, then tie the ribbon around your flower of choice.

A circular name card, that says Katy in red writing is tied together with ribbon and dried flowers.

Check out the tutorial here! 

What you'll need: Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn

15. Glitzy Bridal Hangers

Because let's face it. Who doesn't want to spend the day getting pampered with their best friends, eating delicious food, and drinking bottomless mimosas? 

A pair of wooden hangers are being wrapped in golden sequins. A pink satin bow is wrapped around the hook of one of the hangars.
Photo: Gillian Ellis

View the tutorial here.             


16. Wedding Favor Wrapping

Whether your favors are popcorn packs, smores kits, local maple syrup, or homemade cookies, tie them up with rustic hemp or colorful sari silk ribbon.

A line of burlap favor bags with deep wine ribbons attached to their handles are neatly lined up to be snagged.

What you'll need: Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn

17. Sari Ribbon Handfasting Cords

A pale hand is holding a finished handfasting cord, plaited together with white, blue, and dark green sari recycled ribbon yarn. The single plait is twisted around the person's hand.

Call back to the old traditions of your ancestors and make your own handfasting cords out of handmade and reclaimed sari silk ribbon. This super-easy and simple tutorial can be done as long as you know how to braid! 

Follow the tutorial here 

What you'll need: Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn

The beauty behind DIY accessories is that you can use a lot of the same materials in order to create one cohesive look.