Lotus Flower String Art - Darn Good Yarn

Lotus Flower String Art

Before You Start

We’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful String Art projects recently, and couldn’t wait to try out our own! We decided to use our Lace Weight Silk Yarn Sparkle Collection, in Tidal Pool, to create a beautiful Lotus Flower Design. The Lotus Flower is a Buddhist symbol of purity of the mind and the body. Even though the lotus flower is rooted in mud, it is still able to blossom its flowers above the muddy water.

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Step By Step

Step 1

Gather Materials

  • Darn Good Yarn Lace Weight Silk Yarn (Sparkle Collection)
  • Scissors
  • Block of Wood
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Pencil

Step 2

Draw out a Lotus Flower in the center of the wood. 

Step 3

Hammer the nails into the wood, along the stencil line, about 1 inch apart from each other.

Step 4

Continue to place the nails around the border of the the wood, maintaining the 1 inch distance between the nails.

Step 5

Tie a knot around the nail in the top left corner of the wood

Step 6

Pull the yarn to the right, wrapping a loop around each subsequent nail

Step 7

Continue to wrap around the nails, around the border and the nails creating the lotus flower form.

Step 8

All of the nails will now be outlined in the yarn!

Step 9

Start to weave the yarn around each nail. Don’t worry about doing this in any particular pattern, just let the yarn flow from one nail to the next! The yarn can easily be unwound if you don’t like the way the weaving looks.

Step 10

When you have the desired amount of yarn woven throughout the nails, tie a knot around one of the nails in the corner.

Step 11

Cut the yarn, leaving a very small tail.

Step 12

You’re finished! Time to hang up your string art.

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