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Kate, E-Commerce Operations Specialist

Kate, E-Commerce Operations Specialist

Kate is originally a local Troy, NY native with a BA in art therapy from Russell Sage College. She’s spent her life making art and learning how to crochet from with Nanny. Kate currently lives with her husband, Dan (a teacher), and their pet dog, Pearl (a cute little pit mix), who surprisingly puts up with her nonsense, hehe. Kate & Dan hope to move back to Troy, NY in the next few years.

Your previous experience before DGY

Before DGY, Kate used to work in a small family-run restaurant in Troy, NY as a food-prep worker & waitress. After that, Kate worked for a few years in education, primarily focusing in the art department.

What about the mission of DGY hits home for you and why?

The way DGY empowers women and helps them have the opportunity to work for a fair, safe, and livable wage is incredible. It's hard to find a company that empowers women in America, let alone around the world- and DGY is one of those rare unicorn companies!

What is your favorite DGY product and why?

My favorite product is our Sparkle Enchanted Forest Lace Weight Yarn. It's not only green, blue, and shiny (my trifecta of happiness) but it's also incredibly silky smooth and easy to work with.