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Yarn Bombing, The Latest Art Form


Fiber Art Graffiti

Yarn bombing! Yes, it's here to stay and has certainly gone far beyond the occasional pom pom or sari silk ribbon bow! I am so impressed with the bombing I see online thanks to Leslieannetarabella.com . Be sure to check out the stop sign in her post!

Yarn bombing, like all art forms, give us a chance to pause, reflect, admire, and sometimes, giggle at the personality of this creativity. Here at Darn Good Yarn, we promote retreating from the ever day! Art such as yarn bombing let's us break away from the ordinary, grab our yarn, and be creative! What's not to love about that?

Have you bombed with yarn? Have you seen some great examples of it in your community? I have not seen it LIVE yet but I have found some wonderful examples of what I find to be very creative and artistic yarn bombing ideas. I guess you could call it fiber art graffiti! Graffiti has come a long way so I can't wait to see where yarn bombing take us! This adventure is just beginning!

Taking It To The Streets

It's really amazing to me see the incredibly creative people making our world a little bit more beautiful with amazing fiber projects. The meter covers both above and below are done in both crochet or knit and add an incredibly warm and beautiful aspect to this city street which would be bland and cold, otherwise.

Recycling is such an important part of being globally conscientious and yarn bombing is a great way to get another life out of fibers that might be sitting in your closet. Recycled fibers are also a big part of this movement so we can make the world more beautiful in several different facets! 


This little guy is my new favorite in yarn bombing. Somehow adding a face to this meter cover really makes him come alive! He certainly is dressed for the weather! I don't live in a city but this makes me think of some of the signs and things that look so cold...needing a bit of fiber to warm them up!

Bringing It Home

Yes, we have seen yarn bombing in the city! Yes, we have seen it in many a tree! But what about in homes? This idea to yarn bomb balusters will be so cool with Sari Silk or perhaps a bit of chiffon? I don't have balusters in my home but I am now looking at that long lamp stand, the standing plant stand and thinking they need a bit of dressing up!

Something Fishy

I don't know about you but I know this would be a huge hit with the grand kids in my life. We are ocean lovers and this is so creative and playful that I just had to share it with you. Notice the doors behind this photo to give you a sense of the scale (fish scales?) of this yarn bombing creation!

I love using up some of my stash (because that means I can buy more!) and think it is time to do some fiber art graffiti of my own. My husband better take cover or he may be my next yarn bombing project! You're an artist, what are you going to yarn bomb?