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Yak Yarn: What is It and Why Does Everyone Want It

Yakkity Yak

What the heck is a yak you might ask? Yaks are large bovine animals which live in Tibet and Nepal and are kept for milk, meat, wool and used as pack animals. Yaks thrive in high-altitude, freezing mountain climates, so their wool is especially warm. It is also odor-resistant and very breathable!

So, do you know much about yaks? This one here is beautiful! Yes, he is adorned with beautiful yarn embellishments, but take a look at his thick coat. Just in looking at this beautiful animal and where he lives, we know that yak yarn must be very warm and weather tolerant. We are also thrilled to support the people harvesting yak wool in Nepal!

Another interesting trend is in yak farming. The Illinois couple in this article has a farm and boasts having the only yaks in the state. Interesting that it is a way of life in Nepal and a novelty in Illinois! I never stop being amazed that some of the best progress for Mother Earth is made in looking to simpler ways!

hank of teal yarn on white background

I don't know about you, but I love working with chunkier fibers at times. Our Yak yarn is considered a chunky yarn so will work up more quickly using knitted needles size US 11 and up, or a crochet hook size L or larger.

For Kids of All Ages

Montage of models wearing Forest Friends Yak Wool winter hats and yak wool yarn close-ups

We love this one! Perfect for the grandkids. Well...or for you or a friend! The DGY Forest Friends Yak Wool Hat Pattern is adorable, warm, and will spur all kinds of imaginative adventures no matter the age!

Thick and thin wool felt ball yarn

So yeah, we love all our unique fibers and it really is a passion for us to promote all these fibers and see where they take you! Will it be jewelry, a scarf, a textural weaving using the beautiful Darn Good Yarn Yak Wool from Nepal? Please do tell!