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8 Simple Yarn Storage Hacks

Hacks, cheats, tricks of the trade! What ever you call it, there is a flavor of feeling like you've outwitted whatever it is that you are hacking. For the DGY team, yarn hacks are definitely a great thing and a way to make life easier! We are all about that and if that stash of yours is out of control, this is the blog for you.

First off, let's just be clear! Simple yarn storage hacks doesn't mean that you don't need more yarn. No, no, no! Like you, we are fiber junkies so we understand your need for more color, texture, design, and unique fibers!

dog sitting over a crafting space

Now that we have the well defined, what do you do for yarn storage?There are many simple ideas for storing your yarns and I'm psyched to share a few favorites with you!

yarn winder over a table

1. Let's start with yarn care. Is your yarn going to be stored as skeins, hanks, or balls? All of it is fine! One huge suggestion, if you are rolling your balls into yarn, keep the tension loose. Does it sound silly to you? Believe me, it's not. If you roll tight balls of fiber, your yarn will stretch out over time and loose some of its density. Maybe a swift will help you with tension issues.

close up of yarn strings

close up of yarn strings


close up of yarn strings2. Note this lovely (Date Night) Lace Weight Yarn that I am rolling by hand. Gorgeous fiber, right? Well, I hope to make a shawl with it but have several other projects happening first. I wanted to play with the fiber a bit so I am rolling it into balls. See that finger being rolled into the ball? That's how I keep my winding loose. Left to my own devices, the yarn would be super tight ( apparently, I take out my stress on yarn winding!) and really diminish the character of the fiber.

3. Okay! so now your yarn is in whatever form you want to store it in, but will it be safe? Do you have a damp cellar, a moth ridden, attic, or weird smells? Not you personally! Consider this when storing your yarn. There is nothing sadder than to come across old fibers and realize that they are not usable. Closed containers, natural bug repellent, and careful consideration of where you are storing your yarns will all be of help.

hemp yarn close up

4. Speaking of bug repellent, here is a super easy idea. Our hemp products are natural moth repellent so why not throw a ball of hemp in your storage bin or that unfinished nettle project? Can't hurt because it's au naturale!

Thinking Clearly

5. Clear storage is super helpful! I have a huge blue tub full of fiber and every time I need something in there, I have to burrow through only to realize it's in one of my clear tubs. Have a bit of extra yarn? Try a small clear container or bag-whether it's glass or plastics, it's great to know what'cha got!

Public Displays of Affection!


6. Yeah, I'm still talking yarn here! Be creative with your yarn! Living in a small space or just love the "feel" of fiber on display? I fill cabinets with yarn! I fill baskets with yarn! I fill book shelves with yarn! I no longer use my cd case-guess what I keep in it now? Yep, it's an awesome shelf for my hanks of  lace yarn!


7. A wine cabinet-hmmm. Drink the wine and you got it! A space to display your unique fibers! I love this idea and while I don't have a wine rack, it has me thinking about looking at things in a different way. As a librarian, I DO have an old card catalog filled with my yarn notions and tools...perfect for keeping those important treasures handy!


8. Always keep one bag of fiber projects ready for travel. For years, I would move things from one bag to another to travel. In the last year, it dawned on me to just have one bag ready to go. The project may or may not get worked on regularly but when I'm on the road again, it's great to know I have a sweet little project ready to go.

I could go on forever about yarn storage hacks because I think of so many ideas when I get my organizing genes moving! And then, there is the whole idea of how to organize all these unique yarns but I will save that for an upcoming blog! How do you store your yarns? We'd love to hear from you!