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Basics of Knit Toys and Embellishment


Crickets are in full chorus, green grass and leaves look dull and dry, and birds are congregating. Yes, Fall is just around the corner with lots of birthdays in my family and the holidays are not far behind! Whether a grandparent or a parent, starting on your crafty project now means it will be ready for gifting!

Just Bearly

This homemade bear is  really sweet in his monochromatic colors. I like the look a lot but I am a color junkie so what if I took some of this sari silk ribbon and gave him a new bow...or a flower... or a.....

Sari Silk Ribbon yarn

...or...I think you get what I'm saying. I am not a toy maker but I am a fiber lover. I can make a simple toy or add some gorgeous fiber to make one over-the-top beautiful just by playing with fiber and color!

Sea This

The staff at Darn Good Yarn loves seeing the amazing creations that you, our crafters,  make. Whether it's our knit patterns or something in crochet, we are always in awe of how amazing you are and the creativity you show with making your crafts! Toys are another opportunity to make something homemade and to use unique fibers to make the project have your own style! 

Here's a great example! I am an ocean person so find myself drawn to this starfish. It's not all that amazing but it is a sea creature and my grandkids would like this...or is it too ordinary?

skein of yarn over a white background

And then I have one of those Eureka moments! What if used a starfish pattern and made this knit toy using Darn Good Yarn's lace weight Sparkle Collection?  I could make these in shimmery colors and there's even one color called Tidal Pool!

What a Doll!

Dolls can be an incredibly satisfying way to create a gift and make them as much an individual as the person you are giving them to. Using a doll pattern will be helpful and then let your imagination go wild!

close up of vibrant red yarn skeins

Have a red head in the family? How about using some of our Gumball Yarn for hair? It's light and has great potential for color... in case, your doll needs gold, teal, or purple hair! Check out the great color options!

multiple yarn skeins in the ground in the form of a star

And what about this doll's clothes? Does she need a hemp belt or does his outfit need an extra touch that you might find with some handmade block printed sari ribbon? I am just playing with ideas here but you get the idea of using fibers to make amazing possibilities with your knit toys.

Toys to Make and Toys to Make Unique

Patterns for knit toys are infinite.  Here are some examples of teeny tiny knit toys projects courtesy of As with all toys, be sure it is safe and appropriate for the child you are giving it to!

multicolored yarn sample cards

Another great idea would be to get a sampling that you can use to add a lovely bow, weave in some color, or give reins to that toy horse. Our sample cards will give you just enough variety to make that toy have its own personality! 

Another Kid Idea

girl wearing a thick and thin cowl

So maybe you don't want to make a toy? Our Cutie Pie Cowl Pattern is easy to make and incredibly fun for kids to wear! Or maybe, it's for you? Our Thick and Thin Mirror Yarn is one of those quick knitting yarns and is over-the top fun for knit projects for big kids, too!

So yeah, the seasons are starting to change. It's time to consider handmade crafts for gifts. It might just be time to make a toy or two for the little people in your life. And have fun with all the possibilities for adding yarn embellishments to your crafting! What are you making in your toy workshop?