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13 Clever Yarn DIY

I am continually amazed at how many unique and different idea there are out there for using fiber. One of my art teachers in college said to me when working on a paper project, "it's just paper and can be manipulated to be anything you want". Clever DIY yarn activities are everywhere and like the paper revelation, I am reminded that yarn can be used in so many simple DIY ideas!

Here are a few I wanted to share with you:

Multicolored felt balls strung on a long strand of hemp yarn, all laid on a wooden surface

1. Look at things differently! And then push that boundary further still. For example our Garland is playful and makes you smile, right? You can string it up and bring some festive new year flavor to your space. BUT, what if you were to add this to a macrame piece, weave it into your textured work, or gently wrap it around your lamp shade? And just keep going....

2. Speaking of wrapping, how about that jar that you use? Yeah, that glass one! What if you were to take some amazing yarn and put a wrap on it? Color transform that jar into a piece of art worthy of giving to a dear friend...if you can part with it.

3. I don't have to spell it out, but DIY projects shout of creativity and bring incredible interest to any space. Why not create some letters and wrap them in unique yarn for a great way to give a room both ownership and pizzazz!

Large spool of newspaper yarn sitting on a white background

4. Newspaper Yarn is clever onto itself! It's recycled paper which is super wonderful and yep, it's different like so many of our DGY products. This makes a great wrap  for potted plants, but mostly our newspaper yarn needs you to let that creativity fly! We can't wait to hear how you use it!

5. Anyone that knows me, knows I have invested my life in kids! So, please do remember to include these busy people in your fiber projects. Adventures in fiber might open a young person's mind to all kinds of ideas. I love how they have no inhibitions with their art either.

Teal knitted scarf rolled up onto a white surface

6. Hmm...Darn Good Yarn Sari Ribbon....how about trying our super cute 45 Minute  Reclaimed Sari Silk Scarf Pattern? I throw this into the DIY mix because it may be a great introduction to our reclaimed sari ribbon AND after playing with it, you will come up with some darn good other  clever DIY projects using either the fiber or the pattern!

Multicolored ball of chiffon ribbon sitting on a white background

7. Speaking of our ribbons, both the sari silk and the chiffon are on to another life. These reclaimed fibers are crazily beautiful and whether making a market bag, outrageous mixed media wall art, or adding that extra something to that antique piece of jewelry, what they add to your DIY project really up-ed the wow factor!

Purple ball of hemp yarn with a white label that reads '100% Hemp' sitting on a white background

8. It's Baaaack! Hemp is here to stay...or did it ever leave? As a student in the 70's, I ran a business creating macrame hangers and art pieces. Darn Good Yarn loves to carry plant based fibers, and our vegan collection offers hemp, banana, and other earth friendly fibers. DIY knot projects, whether macrame or others, are here to stay! 

9. Along with hemp, is beads of course! We love providing the catalyst for your creative ambitions! The Darn Good Beads of the Month Club gives you beads, findings, and suggested ideas! Beads go well with so many things that we want to give you a string of shiny, cool possibilities and leave the rest of the DIY up to you!

10. DIY yarn projects are definitely inspired with our yarn subscriptions! With yarns, patterns, and extra goodies, you can work on our suggested ideas, or take the path less traveled and design your own DIY!

11. Yarn Globes are great fun for most ages and an easy DIY yarn project. The DGY Globe Pattern provides the instructions for the globe making and I highly recommend trying this with some of your bigger grand kids! FUN, FUN, FUN!

Beige tote bag with purple text that reads 'Weekend forecast is knitting with a strong chance of wine', 4 skeins of silk yarn in blue, orange, green, and purple, and wooden knitting needles all on a white background

12. Perhaps you aren't in DIY mode but would love some gorgeous inspiration? Our Wild Women Weekend Pack is just the catalyst for adventuring in to your own DIY weekend. This one is great for gifting to that super crafty friend of yours, too. And we can't wait to see what you make!

12. I find that most DIY projects are super for the kids! Remember to take in to consideration where the child/children are at developmental; the idea is to have a fiber adventure! How about  the Darn Good Yarn Dyeable Yarn collection? While not for the little ones, fiber dyeing is a great experience in both fiber and color play! Being a color junkie, the dyeables are just perfect for DIY!

White sample card full of yarn samples in purple, blue, green, orange, and red all on a white background

13.Yep! We're unique and we know it! We want you to explore what we have and come up with your own clever yarn DIY projects so we offer our Yarn And Ribbon Sample Cards. We all like a tasting before the main course, and what better way for you to design a necklace or crochet your curtain ties? These tasty little samplings will bring you back for more!

Inspiration and the joy of creativity is what we are all about. The Darn Good Yarn team is here to support you in your artisan journey. Inspiration is where it is at and is a two-way street! We REALLY love to learn what you are making and share it with the Darn Good family so please send your photos to info@darngoodyarn.com or catch us on social media. What DIY project are you working on?