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Will Our Red Dryer Balls Stain Clothes?

Written by Kate Curry

If you’re a sustainable laundry fiend, you’ve heard of wool dryer balls. These colorful little balls are the eco-friendly alternative to single use dryer sheets that can be used for over 1,000 loads! It’s about time to replace those chemical laden sheets with our dryer balls, which are hypoallergenic and made out 100% pure wool.

Four red and yellow dryer balls are resting on blue, green, and white bath towels

The Benefits

  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Decreases drying time 
  • Keep your clothes chemical free 
  • Save $$$ on fabric softener and dryer sheets 
  • Save the planet! No more single use dryer sheets 

Our dryer balls come in red and yellow - and some people have been worried about the red balls. Will they stain? Do the colors run? 

We did a little experiment for you curious little creatures!

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