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Where to Find the Best Online Yarn Sales

I think we can all agree that crafting can get expensive. No matter which crafts you do, buying supplies can be a roadblock to becoming the crafters we want to be! We are all looking for great deals to support our hobbies and creative practices. We know that budgets are real and important, and shopping yarn sales or yarn clearance collections can make such a difference for those of us who are trying to save. We want to make it easier and more affordable to buy yarn online, so we've compiled a list of the best online yarn sales that are always available to you!

Deal of the Day

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Our Deal of the Day page is updated weekly on Wednesdays and always includes fresh deals on our best products. We never skimp on these deals-- each week brings major discounts on a high-quality product, and more often than not, it's yarn!

Yarn Savings Bundles

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Have you ever bought yarn in bulk? If so, you already know that buying in bulk can save BIG TIME on cash. Our Rainbows & Unicorns collection is full of yarn savings bundles that include multiple skeins of the same yarn type, priced to reduce the cost of yarn per skein. You'll pay a little more upfront, but you'll save big bucks down the road. Got a big project that takes a lot of yarn? Buying in bulk is definitely the way to go! Shop our Rainbows & Unicorns Collection by clicking the link below.

Sale & Clearance Yarn Page

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If you navigate to the top of this page, you'll see a tab called "Sale" in our header. Always be sure to check our Sale page to stay in-the-know on current sales! You'll often see amazing deals on yarn, sample sale items, holiday sales, clearance items, or other unique products that you've never noticed before! Click the link below to check out our Sale page!

The Making of Happy People

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The best deal of all is one that is for the benefit of others. Each Monday, we participate in what we call "The Making of Happy People" or "Giving Monday", where we choose one of our artisans that has a financial need, such as educational or medical, and raise money to help meet those needs. For example, a few weeks ago we raised money to pay for one of our artisan's and her brother's education. Wondering how it works? Each week we choose  an artisan and a product to focus on, and for every purchase made of this product we donate $5 to the artisan's cause-- and give YOU a $5 gift card! You may pay full price at the time of purchase, but those $5 gift cards really just add up to more sweet, sweet yarn. To read our artisans' stories and learn how you can help, sign up for our newsletter by clicking the button below! Also follow along on social media, where we post weekly updates.

Free Pattern Friday


Tan and green patterned crochet circle on a white backgroundAnother great way to get discounted yarn is to participate in our Free Pattern Friday series! By signing up for our Free Pattern Friday emails, you'll gain access to a knit and crochet (and sometimes weaving!) pattern in your inbox every Friday. You'll also receive 20% off the full corresponding kit for each pattern! This is a great way to save big on your yarn projects, and you'll even get an adorable pattern to go along with it!

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