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What Does Your Skirt Say About You? Part 4

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

Welcome to What Does Your Skirt Say About You, where I (Mac) am going to take a look at your outfit submissions with our sari wrap skirts, and put my inner-carnie to the test to pull color theory, the elemental energies, and the principles of design together and see what your skirt says to a complete and total stranger!

This is Part 4, and today we’ll be taking a look at four lovely ladies. Let’s get started!

Woman standing on the sidewalk in a multicolored blue, black, and white floor length bohemian skirt, wearing a royal blue top and a yellow head wrap.
Eva, the glorious red head of @the_curvy_carrot_top

Color: Blue! Light blue for calm, dark blue for loyalty, mid-tones for softness, emotion, intelligence, and black for professionalism! This skirt says ‘we’re gonna have it all’, and the touch of burgundy adds a wise, matured shade of the ambitious red, to boot!

Texture & Pattern: Dark florals on light give decoration, and feel present. Light blue paisley on black comes forward to the eye, and feels like a nod to the future. Horizontal stripes mark where we are, and verticals mark where we’re going.

Fit: This fit paired with the colors says ‘masterminding’. You may wear this on a day off, but you have big plans unfolding and the local park is a good place to ponder them!

Ensemble: Altogether, the royal blue top is fearless, the pinkish-red lip knows to speak up for what it wants, and the yellow headwrap says to keep joy at the top of your mind! This look is going for it, the full picture: the job, the friends, the life. Go get ‘em!

Woman in a power pose wearing a red-pink sari silk wrap skirt and a yellow t-shirt.
One of the most gorgeous people alive, Sunshine, of@the_sunshi9e

Color: This shade of pink is a very particular color, really more like a faded red, pigment-wise. Unlike pink, it isn’t really social, it’s celebratory. Red is the color of ambition, passion, and forward movement. This subdued, faded rendition feels like the trophy from the battle already won!

Texture & Pattern: The peacocks in health greens and intellectual blues, and the rainbow trim at the bottom, all suggest that within this victorious energy, there is room to flourish and unfold all that you are.

Fit: This fit, combined with the color says, ‘I’m not here to look good… but I do look good.’ The bit of ankle showing adds just the right amount of zest to this power-color skirt!

Ensemble: Altogether, the clear shoes signal coming from a place of transparency, of knowing your story and your roots. The yellow top shouts sunshine and joy from the rooftops! This outfit absolutely beams with abundance, victory, and empowerment.

Woman wearing a brown, beige and black outfit with a coffee colored bohemian skirt.
Lookin' good and feeling good with @theskinnyaffair

Color: The neutrals and browns in this piece represent earth, grounding, warmth, and care. Together, they signal a gentle spirit, a loving friend, and possibly a homebody. Earth tones know the value of taking their time, and sticking things out!

Texture & Pattern: The slightly tilted horizontal stripes suggest knowing where you are, as well, and gradually working toward something new. The patterned trim lends a hint to the small pieces of the bigger picture, and the faint vertical stripes also signal upward movement in the long term.

Fit: The fit of this skirt brings a playfulness to all of this steady grounding, especially with the wrapped layers. Paired with the color palette, it says ‘wait…work…assess… coffee break!’

Ensemble: Altogether, this outfit has a very cohesive feel! The black top lends itself to a professional, slightly serious look, while the fun platform shoes say to keep your chin up, and enjoy the ride!

Woman standing in the park wearing a teal and mustard color outfit, featuring a jade silk skirt with bohemian designs.
It doesn't get better than @thesmithcountry

Color: Jade-teal is a wise and mystical shade of green. Just between the bounds of blue and green, light and dark, color and neutral, this color has learned some important lessons and found balance along the way. The streak of rainbow accents on the left takes this shade one step further, as if it were sharing its notes on how it got there!

Texture & Pattern: The rounded tile pattern of this teal is almost macro-to-microcosmic, mimicking the atoms that make up everything, and the teamwork between them. The detailed vertical stripes lend themselves to a moment-by-moment view of personalities and stories as they move forward and upward along the journey.

Fit: The long, straight fit of this skirt feels like a storyteller, or a novel in an image. Much like a book, there is a lifetime of information within a simple format: one page at a time. 

Ensemble: The mustard-gold of this top and scarf bring a sense of value, and curated-joyfulness into this look. The bit of purple on the edge symbolizes mysticism, and finding a bit of extra inspiration in the unknown. Altogether, this is the perfect look for a voyager, an epic, and the tales that unfold from within!

That's all for this round! Part Five is coming soon...

Meet the Author

Close up of the author, Michaela Matthews wearing red lipstick and a poofy red scarf with white flower arrangement in background.

"Mac" is on the Lifestyle Team here at Darn Good Yarn, and loves taking a ‘teach a man to fish’ approach to creative therapy. She is certified in neuro-linguistic programming, and is also the surreal artist and author behind Surrealismac.