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What Does Your Skirt Say About You Part 2

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

Welcome to What Does Your Skirt Say About You, where I (Mac) am going to take a look at your outfit submissions with our sari wrap skirts, and put my inner-carnie to the test to pull color theory, the elemental energies, and the principles of design together and see what your skirt says to a complete and total stranger!
This is Part 2, and today we’ll be taking a look at four lovely ladies. Let’s get started!

Woman in a pink and yellow silk wrap sari skirt, with a black polka dot mesh blouse.
The stunning Clarissa of@clarissatalk

Color: This hot pink and yellow combination says indulgence and enjoyment! While pink is a very in-your-face, sociable color, the warm yellow takes the edge off, and softens the look as a whole.

Texture & Pattern: >The silk texture of this fabric feels easy-breezy to look at. It’s eye-catching, shimmering in the light and bringing energy to the ensemble!

Fit: This ankle-length wrap is the perfect balance of having it together and flow. It’s straight enough to take on typical day-to-day activities, but just ballroom enough to make each day an act of self care.

Ensemble: Altogether, the black on black outfit makes this pop of pink daring! Black is a tone of professionalism and nerve, and it gives the sociable pink the backbone it needs to lead a crowd!

Woman wearing hot pink sari wrap skirt with black tank top standing in a meadow.
Our favorite eco-queen, Amy of @greenchiclife

Color: This magenta is a ‘lifer’ shade of pink! While pink is playful and sociable, this darker, more saturated hue makes that outgoing, childlike curiosity a playground for all ages!

Texture & Pattern: The gold paisley on this piece supports the maturity of this proud hue even further, peeking out from behind the first layer to say, ‘there are riches to be found in lightheartedness.’

Fit: This waist-to-knee fit is the perfect balance of flirty and functional! The slight bell shape adds just a touch of whimsy, and lets the color do most of the talking.

Ensemble: This outfit holds true down to the fun necklace and eclectic bracelets, but the true cherry on top of this look has to be the braids. Not only do they match the feel of the outfit, but they also balance focal points perfectly between the golden details on the skirt and the face. Well done!

Woman in a pink and turquoise bohemian skirt with a blue-grey long sleeve top, standing in a neighborhood.
The colorful and gorgeous Stefani of @hellostefaninicole

Color:This fuschia and turquoise combination brings together the fun of pink and the curiosity of blues! The touch of purple adds an air of mysticism and wonder, too. Together, they represent people, ideas, and familiarity with the unknown.

Texture & Pattern: The eclectic mix of diamonds and paisley patterns in this skirt bring together the geometric and organic elements, with each diamond coming together as a building block of something bigger, and the abstract shapes offering improvisation.

Fit: The tiered fit of this skirt suggests vertical layers, similar to the phases of getting to know and interact with new people!

Ensemble: The grey-blue top with this skirt brings this look a sense of grounding. Still in an intellectual blue, subdued shade brings a sense of professionalism into the mix. Altogether, this outfit says ‘I love to work with people, and use what I know to help them!’

Woman in a pink and gold floor length bohemian skirt, wearing a tied denim blouse and sitting on a swing.
Our fabulous group member and badass, Kemesha of @kemesha_sha_sha

Color: This greenish-golden shade of yellow represents the value of joyful health, and the fuschia accents suggest sharing that wealth with others!

Texture & Pattern: The mix of florals and stripes suggest natural beauty and direction, a gentle form of leadership toward the greater good.

Fit: The long, trumpet fit of this skirt mimics the path to specialization, of narrowing your interests and then expanding your knowledge of a particular area.

Ensemble: Altogether, the playful pinks, the value of gold, and down to earth denim top says ‘bringing value to the people’. This is the perfect outfit for a nutritionist, a life coach, or a health advocate!

Meet the Author

Close up of the author, Michaela Matthews wearing red lipstick and a poofy red scarf with white flower arrangement in background.

"Mac" is on the Lifestyle Team here at Darn Good Yarn, and loves taking a ‘teach a man to fish’ approach to creative therapy. She is certified in neuro-linguistic programming, and is also the surreal artist and author behind Surrealismac.