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Wall Hangings: Must Have Styles + How To Hang Them

We've all had this problem. We have a blank wall, and make all these grand dreams and schemes of what we want it to become. Maybe a gallery wall, full of amazing photos of your most recent vacation. Or one of the many prints you've had stored in your cart on Etsy for the past few weeks. Or maybe a chalkboard wall! (But that would involve painting...!) 

It can take a lot of thought to decorate a space, and sometimes it's hard to put thought into action and choose what you want your wall to look like. Wall hangings and tapestries give you the ability to take up a large blank wall without putting too much thought behind arrangement of the items, which frames to buy for photos, and all the various tools you may need to hang them. 

Here are a few wall hangings that can dazzle your bedroom, office, living room, or dorm room, and some tips on hanging them quickly and easily. 



teal and white mandala tapestry hanging above a white bed

These fun, fringey tapestries can be used to add color to a bare wall, or can even be used as a beach blanket and accent blanket for a couch or bed!

Hanging Methods

1. Use nails or pushpins (avoid using thumbtacks!) along each one of the corners. With this method, you can create a draped look by using less pushpins in the middle of the tapestry, or a cleaner look by using more push pins along the top. 

2. Use velcro strips to hang in rental spaces or on dorm room walls. Simply put one side of the self adhesive tape on the back side of the tapestry, and the other on the wall where you want it to hang. Repeat for each of the corners, and in the middle of each one of the edges. 

3. Drape your tapestry over a rod or tree branch, then tie strings around each end of the rod, and hang from the ceiling or a wall. You could also drape the tapestry over a couch, table, or bed frame!

4. Create a canopy between the ceiling and the wall by using either nails or velcro.

5. Use a wooden poster hanger that has a string on the top bar, that way you can easily hang it! 

Macrame Wall Hanging

Black macrame wall hanging hung on a white wall next to a potted cactus plant

A larger macrame wall hanging is great for taking up space in a bedroom, dorm room, living room, or office. Pair it with a plant nearby for an easy, bohemian look! 

Cream colored macrame wall hanging hung on a white wall

If you have a smaller subsection of a wall, or need to decorate a smaller space, such as a bathroom or craft room, a medium sized wall hanging is perfect! It will give the space a little extra flavor, without being too overwhelming. 

Black dream catcher macrame wall hanging hung on a white wall next to a large house plant

A small macrame wall hanging or a dreamcatcher is quite possibly the easies thing you can add to a space to make it feel cozier and more inviting. It's size makes it a great accent piece for larger spaces that are already filled with other decor, or a simple yet eye-catching piece for a smaller space.  

Hanging Methods

1. These Macrame Wall Hangings are pretty easy to hang, thanks to the string attached to the wooden dowels the weavings are hung off of! Simply use a nail or a thumbtack, and lightly place the hanging off it 

2. These hangings are also great for dressing up your outdoor spaces, such as a deck or patio, and can also be used as decorations for parties and weddings. 

Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Pom Pom Wall Hanging on a white wall next to a large aloe vera potted house plant

If you're looking for a more subtle wall hanging that still has some of the technical aspects of most of the wall hangings we are familiar with, this Pom Pom Wall Hanging is just for you.  Pair this modest hanging on its own, or as part of a gallery wall! 

Hanging Methods:

1. Similar to the Macrame Wall Hangings above, this Pom Pom hanging is easy to hang up with a nail or pushpin! Hang it from a side wall, or even from the ceiling giving the pom pom's the freedom to sway back and forth. 

DIY Boho Urban Wall Hanging

Woven boho urban wall hanging on a white wall

Looking to create your own wall hanging? This DIY Boho Urban Wall Hanging is perfect for beginners! With simple weaving techniques and a few skeins of yarn you can create your very own wall art. 

Hanging Methods:

1. This project is a great way to tap into your creativity, from everything to the weaving to what you want to put your weaving on! Here, we used a tree branch, but you can also use a simple wooden dowel, painted PVC piping, or a cute curtain rod. 


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