Woman's hand holding out a red felt and multicolored felt ball christmas stocking holding various goods on a white background

Top Handmade Christmas Stockings for 2022

We're saying goodbye to a hot and humid summer season, and welcoming the sweet and festive holiday cheer that's headed our way! One of our favorite holiday traditions is Christmas Stockings. They are not only fun and provide joy on Christmas morning, they also look beautiful hanging on a mantle! Darn Good Yarn offers three very different Christmas Stocking options, both DIY and pre-made. To celebrate with all of you DIY-ers, we offer Christmas Stocking knit and crochet DIY kits, and for those of you who don't knit or crochet, we also offer a pre-made Christmas Stocking with plenty of decorative flair.

Striped Christmas Stocking Knit and Crochet Kit

Red Striped Christmas Stocking hanging on a white wall
Make using our reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn packs

The Striped Christmas Stocking is a very traditional-looking stocking. The shape looks much like a boot, it contains a small foot, a long section for the ankle and leg, and a thick brim to contain all the goodies that will be placed inside. We offer a full kit in traditional red stripes, as well as several other colorways that could add some extra colorful, non-traditional flair to your holiday festivities. The pattern is easy, perfect for knitters or crocheters of all skill levels! This gorgeous stocking will bring nothing but joy to the maker and the receiver.

Punky Chunky Holiday Stocking Crochet Kit

Blue Crochet Christmas Stocking sitting on concrete surface next to three pumpkins and fall leaves
Made out of Recycled Silk Handspun Yarn "Punky Chunky" yarn!

For all you DIY fanatics who prefer modern living spaces, you might be looking for Christmas Stockings with a funky design. The Punky Chunky Holiday Stocking breaks from the traditional mold with its bright, speckled blue color and smaller Yarn Christmas Stocking form. These stockings are fun, bright, and cheery, and add playfulness to any holiday decor. The pattern is perfect for beginners or more advanced crocheters alike, and we also offer a full kit with our exclusive Punky Chunky Recycled Silk Yarn.

Fun & Funky Christmas Stocking Knitting Kit

Made with swirly twirly Darn Good Twist Sport Weight Silk Yarn

This boho stype stocking is made out of simple and basic knitting stitches! The twisting yarn that comes with this kit adds an extra pop of color that will brighten up your hearth! This funky stocking is a little more geometric than the typical holiday stocking, which is perfect if you're trying to add a little modern touch to your traditional decor. The silky twisted yarn that is required for this kit comes in various gorgeous colorways!

Recycled Silk Christmas Stocking Crochet Kit

So nice we added our Darn Good Twist Sport Weight Silk Yarn to this list twice!

Looking for an intermediate and traditional stocking kit? Look no further! This holiday stocking excites us so much because it's crocheted construction brings the two things we love most together--- COLOR and TEXTURE! This kit comes with the yarn and the pattern you need to make your most colorful dreams come true! The way this twisting yarn works up creates gorgeous splashes of colors that is sure to catch Santa's eye!

Remember to Keep the Holidays Jolly

Darn Good Yarn wishes for nothing more than for everyone to have a happy holiday season with their loved ones. Break out the eggnog and toast to another fulfilling year and the hope for yet another. May you all have a Happy Holiday, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Hanukkah. Whatever you celebrate during this festive season, we wish you joy and peace. 

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