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Things Every New Crocheter Should Know

Starting a new hobby, career or passion can be one of the most exciting things that humans experience. The first day is always the most pivotal part of the journey. One day, someone is figuring out the basics. Before they know it, they have nearly mastered the art of their craft! Crocheting is a fun and versatile craft that transforms basic yarn into exciting, colorful, and useful items. People can crochet anything from a winter scarf to a plush version of their favorite cartoon character. This post is dedicated to crochet for beginners. For those looking to get started, here are some of the most important crochet tips that beginners need to know.

Practice Makes Perfect

For most people, new hobbies or crafts can be incredibly frustrating in the beginning. Depending on how complex the project is, beginners could take hours on something that an expert would only spend minutes on. The main difference lies in how much someone practices each day to get better at crocheting.

Starting small might be better for those that adapt slower than others. Take one step at a time and repeat this step until it becomes natural. After that, move on to something more complex or advanced than the last project. This will give people the ability to complete complex projects at a quicker pace.

Even if someone completes a project that doesn’t look or feel the best, they should keep these projects as a reminder of how far they’ve come in the journey. Old projects can also be perfect for practice as far as aiding people in learning what they lack and what they are best at

Invest in Quality Hooks

Purple wooden ombre hook on a wooden background

If someone is trying to learn to crochet, cheap or faulty crocheting hooks will only slow them down and make the project difficult to complete. We suggest that people make sure that the hooks are strong and durable enough depending on the project that they are working on.

A lot goes into choosing the right hooks for people and their projects. If someone is a beginner, they might not know about the ins and outs of hooks yet. One person might have bigger or wider hands than the next crocheter. They might also have a more firm or loose grip than the next crocheter. This is where the length, grip, and material comes in when choosing quality hooks.

Some hooks could snap after rigorous use while others might become uncomfortable after hours of crocheting. This usually happens with low-quality hooks. We recommend people take the extra step to research so they can be sure they are working with stellar hooks.

Following a Pattern & Knowing the Abbreviations

Most people that have ever stepped into the crocheting world have probably seen many people trying to sell printable patterns online. Most of the time, these are really cool projects that cater to more advanced crocheters. It can be tempting for beginners to purchase these patterns and try to tackle these big projects. However, there is much to be learned before anyone can follow a pattern to create something.

There are many abbreviations and definitions that many beginners might not be familiar with. Understanding these definitions and abbreviations are important for completing projects of all levels. Luckily, these pretty simple and can be mastered in just a few days.

We think that beginners should start with learning the abbreviations that go into following a crochet pattern. Take a look at this post to get an in-depth guide to abbreviations and definitions.

Use Social Media as a Source of Inspiration.

Close up of woman's hands crocheting a multicolored project with her blue dress in the background

Not everyone can be 100% creative 100% of the time. We suggest that beginners try using social media as a source of inspiration when creativity is low. This doesn’t always mean looking at other projects and getting ideas or inspiration that way.

Beginners can also try getting inspiration from everyday objects. Think about the projects that replace common household items. Cupholders, coasters, mittens, etc. What about the things that aren’t often crocheted? Can an entire carpet be crocheted? What about a bathmat or a drawer liner? How about curtains?

Try thinking from a mindset that entertains the question: can that be crocheted? Beginners can use that or look at DIY projects on social media to get ideas on what things can be crocheted. This is great for building up creativity and tackling things from a new angle instead of trying projects that others have already done time and time again.

When in Doubt, Google or YouTube it!

We believe there’s no shame in getting crochet tips from the web when beginners get stuck. There are so many different ways that people learn and absorb information. What one reads in a book might not be as comprehensible as something that is verbally explained in a video. Crocheting is a hobby that is more hands-on and requires a lot of attention and interaction. Therefore, it is probably better to watch a demonstration.

For beginners, we suggest using Google or YouTube to get more tips and information on creating projects. Just try searching ‘crochet for beginners’ or using specific keywords to find the exact step that is causing confusion.

Just Get Started!

Woman's hands holding a wooden crochet hook with a multicolored yarn ball on a white background

It is important to keep in mind that every advanced crocheter started out as a beginner too. Not everything will come easily or quickly for most people. It can be difficult for beginners to see really cool crochet projects made by the veterans and get discouraged. We promise that as long as beginners stay committed and practice often, they create projects like that too, if not better!

Beginning crocheters should take these tips to heart and use them to improve on the next big project. To get more fun and valuable information on the art of crocheting, along with great tips and tricks for beginner crocheters, consider checking out the Yarn of the Month Club. The Yarn of the Month Club is a great subscription that can help beginners quickly master the art of crocheting.

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