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The Symbolism Of Scarlet: Color Swatches For The Soul

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

Welcome back to another edition of Color Swatches For The Soul, where we are taking a closer look at the symbolism of shades, and how to set the mood for your craft projects, fashion, and lifestyle with color psychology! Today we’re looking at Scarlet.

A woman's face in scarlet red on a rainbow color palette background, with a scarlet vine, book, ball of yarn, and pair of high heels.

The Red Family

The color red symbolizes action, passion, intensity, and in some cases, even aggression. Red is a color of making movements and grabbing attention, come what may! Red can often play the bounds between excitement and alarm, while darker shades signal a steadier, more rooted sense of firmness, and lighter shades represent an experimental, or interactive sense of engagement!

How Scarlet Sets The Mood

The color Scarlet represents sure-footed passion, with just the slightest hint of confident orange backing it up. As one of the most classic fashion and lipstick colors of modern history, Scarlet has become a symbol of fierce and fiery passion, brave and bold actions, and unapologetic competition. Scarlet says, ‘I’ve arrived.’

Two open crafter's hands pointed upward, with a scarlet ball of yarn floating above on a white and rainbow background.

How To Use Scarlet In Your Craft Projects

This brazen, brash, and boastful shade of red is not a color used on a whim. For those who enjoy the hue, it is often revered as a ‘secret weapon’, and rightfully so!

Scarlet is best used intentionally. It can be the base color for a show-stopping craft project, or a supporting hue- but even if used as an extra, it demands to be treated like a star. Scarlet needs to be given the right-of-way in any color palette, and for the colors and patterns near it to be tweaked accordingly.

Scarlet color palettes, rainbow color wheels on a scarlet background, with a woman's silhouette in a white frame on top.

Color Palettes For Scarlet

Scarlet can take on a sweet and retro appearance when used with powdery shades of cream, daffodil, baby pink, and blue. It can march in solidarity with purples and warm sunset colors, too, bringing out the essence of its bravery.

Pops of scarlet can take their spotlight on a monochromatic palette of deep blues, greens, or purples, too! Keep in mind, though, that these cooler colors are just Scarlet’s backup dancers. If they are too unique from each other, they might try to steal the show… and drama can break out on the set.

No matter where it goes, the color Scarlet is a listestyle diva. It may have its demands, but when it is catered to properly, it always delivers dazzling results! Use Scarlet when you want to take on some full-fledged firepower, and make way for the heat!

If you can feel it, there’s a color for it!

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Meet the Author

Close up of the author, Michaela Matthews wearing red lipstick and a poofy red scarf with white flower arrangement in background.

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