The Dream with Your Heart Giveaway - Darn Good Yarn

The Dream with Your Heart Giveaway

Calling all crafters, weavers, knitters, crocheters and creatives - here's your chance to let your imagination and heart soar with possibilities!

Creativity is not just some crafting supplies and a pattern. We believe creativity can fuel you to live your best life.

We are helping 4 lucky Darn Good Yarners make their craft dreams a reality. 

All you have to do is tell us about a project that's you've been swooning over for a chance to win the Darn Good Yarn and materials you need.

    After Entering: 

    Check our Instagram on each Friday during the month of February (the 1st, the 9th, the 16th, and the 23rd), where we will announce a winner!

    There are 4 winners in total! These winners have received a bundle of Darn Good Yarn products of their choice, as outlined in their submission, to complete their dream project!

      Introducing our February 2019 winners!

      Thank you for starting at love with us, and for being brave enough to dream big! 

      Week 1: Dream Come True:

      Text that reads 'I would love to crochet an afghan for cystic fibrosis awareness. My oldest child has CF. @SaleniaKaiser'

      Week 2: New Beginnings:

      text that reads ' We are adopting our youngest daughter and would love to do a beautiful blanket out of baby alpaca so all children have blankets knitted for their needs to have security and love. Tiffany Buchanan'

      Week 3: A Sea of Possibilities:

      text that reads ' I want to crochet a coral reef. I think that the elements of the project will raise my awareness of pressure they are under and education everyone else.Marg Corjay'

      Week 4: A Daughter's Gift:

      Text that reads 'I want to make a poncho with silk yarn for my mom who is having a hard time right now... she is not doing anything for herself and i want to do something speial to show her how much i love and appreciate her. Jarita Poe'