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The Bohemian Dress: A Wardrobe Staple & Archetype

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

What is Bohemian style in clothing?

Bohemian style is a relaxed and heavily patterned style, with roots in the 60’s and 70’s, dating all the way back to the 18th century at the turn of the French Revolution. The style took root in social, emotional, and artistic themes: a rebellion against the bland and strict, and a revitalization of feminine energy. 

Bohemian or ‘Boho’ style today is geared towards a vibrantly grounded aesthetic that prioritizes comfort and visual abundance above any modern trend or social uniform.


The Bohemian dress is an absolute must-have for this style. It serves as a wardrobe staple, a functional and flowing way of fashion that is designed to make the wearer feel free, at ease, and glowing.

Young woman standing in a greenhouse wearing a cream and maroon colored bohemian dress.
Zaria One Of A Kind Wrap Dress


The Bohemian look has a bit of a narrative to its construction. It starts with the raw and simple purpose of clothing, and then adds dazzle and personality on top. This way of thinking signals a set of values that give the fashion its trademark earthy flare. It’s very common to see Boho styled as neutral browns and whites to cover the body, and then accessories adorned with color, detail, and handmade quality.

Smiling woman sitting in a farm garden area on a set of steps, dressed in a white shirt, cardigan, and bohemian paisley skirt
Sari Wrap Skirt 


Bohemian style loves to flow, and spark the creativity of the wearer. Likewise, it often plays to mix and match colors, textures, and layers.

Woman posing outdoors with one hand on her hip and one on her head, wearing a wide brim sun hat and a long and flowing indigo bohemian dress.
Lajita Long Kaftan Dress


Despite the wild and busy nature of the expressly bohemian outfit, the style carries an air of respect along with it. While the long and flowing skirts are a reflection of blending cultures, and a love for travel, they are also inherently modest. The eclectic nature of the bohemian style is to say ‘When in Rome!’, whether that means keeping quiet in a library, or taking your shoes off when entering a home.

Woman in front of a white background spins her blue and turquoise bohemian skirt while walking forward.
Sari Wrap Skirt - Lagoon


Ultimately, the Bohemian style stems from creativity, worldliness, and love. While each person you see in a paisley skirt may not volunteer every weekend, the underlying essence of the Bohemian style is of warmth and approachability. It’s what draws people to adopt it decade after decade, and is the reminder we give to ourselves every time we bend to help someone pick up what they've dropped, without worrying about the back end of our skirts climbing up.

The true Bohemian style in the 2020’s is the rattle of seven bracelets cheering, while we lend a helping hand.

Sunny close up of a hand by the waist, holding a paintbrush in front of paint covered jeans, with wrist covered in several beaded bracelets
Beaded Wrap Bracelets

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