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The Best DGY Chunky Yarn Patterns & Projects

Written by Kate Curry

What Is Chunky Yarn?

Everyone loves a nice fluffy yarn, the Gabriel Iglesias of yarn if you will. Chunky yarns are any yarns that are thicker than worsted weight and above. Chunky yarns can include worsted yarn, bulky yarn, super bulky yarn, and jumbo yarn. With this wonderful medley of yarn, fiber artists have had bundles of fun making cool patterns and projects with their chunky yarn. 

Multiple skeins of bulky yarn in every color of the rainbow, unskeined on a white background.
Mexicali Dreams Super Bulky Yarn

Loved by new and OG fiber artists, jumbo chunky yarn has popped off in popularity in the last few years. Chunky yarn can be made of any fiber - acrylic, silk, wool, and cashmere to name a few! Perfect for arm knitting and crocheting, chunky yarn has been in high demand for artists working to hone their skills. People have made chunky blankets, scarves, shawls and warm winter clothes in no time at all. 

Multiple skeins of multicolored and fuzzy tibet jewels ribbon yarn laying flat in skeins on a white background.
Recycled Sari Silk Multicolored Ribbon Yarn "Tibet Jewels"

Want to grab your own chunky yarn? We’ve got a ton for you! 

Chunky Yarn Projects & Patterns

Do you already have your chunky yarn but you’re looking for a pattern or project? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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