Rainbow Craft Tutorial Using Herbal Dyed Silk Ribbon - Darn Good Yarn

Rainbow Craft Tutorial Using Herbal Dyed Silk Ribbon

Looking for a fun craft to brighten up a rainy day? We introduce our Rainbow Yarn Project! Not only is this craft an adorable addition to your home decor, it also uses our naturally herbal dyed sari silk yarn! So let's get started!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Supplies gathered for rainbow wall hanging craft. 3 skeins of herbal dyed silk ribbon yarn, scissors, cardboard, cotton balls, glue and a compass.

Step 2: Make Rainbow Pieces

Use a compass to draw half circles, with each section being 1” wide.

Cut on your lines.

Compass drawing half circles on the cardboard piece.
Scissors laying on cardboard to cut out along lines on cardboard

Step 3: Assembly of Hanger

Glue silk ribbon strip to the top section make your hanger

Gluing sari silk ribbon to top of cardboard arch

Step 4: Add Padding

Glue balls to your cardboard sections. For an eco-friendly option, you can also use crumpled newspaper to give your rainbow a fuller body!

Gluing cotton balls to rainbow frame/arch

Step 5: Wrap Ribbon

Wrap silk ribbon around cotton balls and cardboard covering up all cotton balls.

Sari silk ribbon wrapped around cotton balls and assembled rainbow frame

Step 6: Final Assembly

Glue sections together. Tie a bow from your silk ribbons and attach to the hanger loop.

Sari silk ribbon tied in a bow

Enjoy your beautiful rainbow!

Final assembled rainbow wall hanging from herbal dyed sari silk ribbon