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Thanksgiving Gift Guide

Written by Kate Curry

Happy Fall Y’all! With the leaves changing and the wind blowing a little colder, we here at DGY are working hard to bring you a curated gift guide for your Thanksgiving needs! Decor, outfits, and gifts for Thanksgiving galore! 

1. Fall Placemat and Coaster Set Crochet Kit

A pristine white plate with silverware is placed upon an orange and yellow fall-themed placemat
Made with our Reclaimed Chiffon Ribbon Pack

When it comes to Thanksgiving the most important part is the feast, but the food needs a gorgeous table! Add a little bit of reclaimed and recycled fiber to your thanksgiving table with these stunning placemat and coaster sets! 

2. Festive Fall Garland Crochet Pattern

A close up picture of the yellow, orange, and red leaf festive fall garland as it is displayed on a rustic wooden table.
Made with our Silk Roving Worsted Weight or Recycled Silk Yarn "Lux Adventure"!

Need some extra pep for your thanksgiving step? This super simple pattern includes easy instructions to make a garland of leaves for autumn and holiday decor! You can make the leaves match the natural autumnal shades or make them bright and crazy colors! 

3. Harvest Editor's Box

An orange Darn Good Yarn shipping box is tipped onto its side on a rustic wooden floor. A plethora of different types of accessories, notions, and multicolored yarns are spilling out of the box.
Look at that haul! 😍

Just in time for your autumn, this hand curated editors box comes with enough yarn and notions to get you through a ton of fall themed projects.

4. Darn Good Pumpkin Stack Crochet Kit

A stack of tri-colored pumpkins made out of yellow, white, and orange reclaimed yarn. The pumpkin stack is placed outside against a light white brick wall.
Our kits include Neon Handmade Sari Silk Ribbon, Sari Silk Block Printed Ribbon, and Banana Fiber yarn!

This kit is one of my favorites! It’s very simple and the finished product is absolutely stunning! This kit comes with a few different types of yarn types and textures that gives a little extra detail to your pumpkin stack! Also - you don’t have to worry about these rotting away or being eaten by those friendly little squirrels. 

5. Harvest Turkey Amigurumi

A cute little stuffed turkey amigurumi made with white, orange, yellow, and brown yarn.
Who wouldn't want this little cuddly friend!?

Did you burn the turkey to a crisp while you were deep-frying it again? You’ll nail it one day! For now, why don’t you plop this little turkey friend down in its place! 

6. Sari Wrap Skirts - Warm Tones

A girl wearing an orange, blue, and teal sari wrap skirt, along with a teal top, a brown&white vest, and a pair of black boots. The girl is posing in front of an intricate white wooden room divider and a wooden rustic ladder outside.
Layer your skirt to keep warm on those chilly fall days!

If you’re looking for a skirt that is comfortable, elegant, and you can adjust mid-meal? Look no further! Our beloved sari wrap skirts can do all that and much more. Handmade out of reclaimed sari materials by artisans in India, these skirts are sure to wow your dinner guests! 

7. Moment of Zen Shawl Kit

A pale woman with curly black hair and glasses is sitting in the sun, wearing a brightly colored striped shawl.
You can make this shawl out of Spice Market< OR Skeins Silk Roving Worsted Weight yarn!

On the hunt for a snuggly shawl to add a pop of color to your outfit? Our moment of zen shawl kit is perfect for new knitters and the finished project is great for snuggling up in after your big meal!  

8. Cowl Neck Poncho Kit

A striped multicolored poncho is dressed on a tan mannequin.
Gotta love those spice market colors!

This cowl kit comes with the yarn and instructions needed to make a cute, colorful, and eye-catching cowl neck poncho! Combine this poncho with a pair of nice jeans and a black sweater to complete your simple thanksgiving look. 

9. Best Sweater Ever Kit

An Indian lady wearing a black face mask and a multicolored (green, teal, yellow and pink) sari is tieing yarn as it is stretched out on a large yarn spool.
Size inclusive and made out of ultra gorgeous Reclaimed Sari Silk Ribbon

Finding a favorite sweater can be hard, so why not make your own? This intermediate kit is available in sizes XS to XXXL and is made out of our Reclaimed Sari Silk Ribbon, which is handmade by our artisans in India. Pair this bad boy with plain leggings to make your sweater the star of your outfit! 

10. Autumnal Colored Yarn!

A pair of hands is holding two balls of yarn, one red and one yellow, above a rustic wooden table.
You can never go wrong with yarn 😘

Do you have some creations in mind but need some yarn? We’ve got your back! Check out some of our yarn in the colors that remind us of Thanksgiving! 

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