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Thanksgiving Decor Inspiration

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

As we move through the holiday season, Thanksgiving is about half as much about decorating as Halloween, and about fifteen thousand times more about the food! That doesn’t mean we can’t have plenty of fun with it, though! As we give thanks this year and celebrate the falling leaves after another summer of life experiences, we’ll be crafting up a storm and keeping our families, and homes, nice and warm!

Kantha Quilt And Pillow Cover Set

Orange Kantha Quilt Blanket and Pilllows Fall Decor

It’s starting to get chilly outside! But inside? This Orange Symphony Kantha Quilt has got you covered. The warm orange doesn’t just match the falling leaves, it also adds a little extra liveliness to the room as we adjust to the shorter days! This color is sure to get the most energy going during the daytime, and fade gently into a cozy shade under the lamps at night.

Handcrafted Limited Edition Felt Ball Rug

Colorful Thanksgiving Decor: Felt Ball Rug

Okay, so it’ll be another month or so before we dive into candy ribbon and sprinkles… But we can start a little early on the sweets, right? Not only is it super cute, but when the little ones come over to visit, this felt ball rug is great for adding that extra bit of snuggle! (Especially on hardwood floors.)

DIY Thanksgiving Decor: Crochet Patterns & Kits

Looking to spend time on something a little more handmade? If knitting and crochet are a part of your holiday traditions, we have some great suggestions for supplies and projects that you can pass down through the generations!

Harvest Editor’s Box

Harvest Editor's Box DIY Fall decor crafting kit

The Harvest Editor’s Box has everything you need to get your Thanksgiving crafts going in full swing. With plenty of yarn in lovely autumn shades, you can make something to doll up your favorite centerpiece, or to commemorate what you’re most grateful for this year!

Fall Placemat & Coaster Set Crochet Kit

Thanksgiving crochet decor: placemat and coaster project kit.

Whose house are we going to this year? If you have a family member who is new to hosting the holidays, newlywed, or living in their first apartment, now is the perfect time to help build their table set for the years to come! This Fall Placemat and Coaster Crochet Kit is a super easy project, and a great Thanksgiving craft to make as a gift!

Amigurumi Kits

DIY thankgiving decor, amigurumi pumpkin crocheted craft project kit

Amigurumis are so darn adorable, and our pumpkin and turkey amigurumi kits are a surprisingly easy crochet project to make! Something about crocheted decor around the house during this time of year is just too perfect, as we all start to pull toward soft, fluffy, and cozy clothes… It’s nice to know our decorations are bundled up, too!

Easy Crochet Basket Pattern Kit

DIY fall decor, crochet basket craft project kit.

This Crochet Basket Pattern Kit is a perfect project for keeping a few extra apples around the house during fall, or a whole bunch of raw nuts! Or, for a simple but festive touch, you can also keep colored markers and index cards nearby to fill the basket with thanks and wishes. Add a few pinecones for good luck, and get grounded from the inside out this season!

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