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TGIF or Thank Goodness Its Fiber

woman wearing a yarn sweater on top of a rock


Hi all and yahoo it's Friday! Whether you are working or retired, in school or driving the kids to school, Fridays always feel a bit more fun. It's the day of the week that many of us start to think about friends, family and fiber! Whatever your plans for the weekend, this is a chance to breathe, regroup, and play. We love weekends just as much as you do! 

I also want to reach out to the many people that work weekends and nights. I am not discounting the wacky, hard hours you put in. On the contrary, I completely appreciate that you are out there doing what you have to do and giving up time with family and friends. My grown daughter works the night shift and some weekend hours at a hospital, and while she loves her career, it changes the dynamic for her whole family. Weekend warriors you are appreciated.

close up of yarn skein

Thank Goodness It's Fiber

Speaking of fiber, we here at DGY love to collaborate. We are crazy about recycled fibers and really have a great selection of many different fibers.  And we love to share the joy of creating. Millie over at Yarn Compulsion has us very excited about crafting. Can it be that we have even more passion for the sari silk and banana fiber that we so love? Well, yes, yes we can be more passionate!

Yarn Compulsion

Millie has some great things to share and I just want to mention a few of them. Have you ever browsed an old pattern book, say from the 1950's? As a grandmother, I am thrilled to see the retro baby patterns that Millie has gathered. Or how about some summer baby rompers? There are so very sweet and I would think that some soft, cotton yarn would make for a nice summer romp, with yarn that is!

So, Millie is collaborating with the crew at DGY and we are one of her yarn suppliers! Her knitting passion has developed into a site with yarns, tips and tricks, and some totally great patterns, some are new and some are retro ( or relevant for this grammy!). 

Millie wrote a great blog post about DGY and what I really love about this article is that she mentions our mission and wy we do what we do. The best news of this article is that she gives our chiffon ribbon, banana fiber, and lace weight silk yarn the spotlight! And when it comes to loving our Fiber Fridays, seeing these beautiful yarns having their moment of fame is wonderful. Thanks Millie!

multicolored yarn skeins over ground

Living for the Weekend(or for the Fiber)

So, yeah! We're living for the weekend. Happy Friday or whenever your weekend hits. With the plans you have for the next few days, I hope you have a bag of DGY packed for the adventure. Be sure to check out the fun knitting ideas at Yarn Compulsion, too!  TGIF to you all and where will you be taking your fiber this weekend?