A blue and pink ombre image with white hand drawn swirls and mandalas. In the center of the image is text that reads 'Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio'

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio

Sometimes you run across great people in the online universe. For me, it was Shannon who owns the Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio. I recently had an urge to get a spinning wheel so I did what most of us would do for a big ticket item...hit up ebay. Lucky for me, Shannon was getting rid of an Ashford Kiwi which I won in a heart-stopping auction which required me to duck out of my other job for 5 mins and bid feverishly on my iPhone while trying beat off this other pesky bidder.

But we got to talking and she owns this great shop! And I got a sample of her rovings.... beautiful! And her handspun yarn will make you drool. I'm serious!


Click Here To Go To The Lodge!

Take a look at the site and order up some crafting goodness and tell her we sent you!