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Summer, Skirts, and Songs

multiple women sitting over the grass wearing colorful clothes

In the Summer Time (by Mungo Jerry)

Happy Summer! I live in a very cold region of New England and tend to wear a lot more skirts in the summer. Yes, I wear them in the winter with leggings and tights (and even long johns!), but I thrive on the flowy, free feeling of skirts in the summer. Skirts are synonymous with feeling good about myself, about good times and enjoying life. I feel special and maybe even a bit cocky when I choose a silk skirt for the day.

How about you? Does wearing the right clothing lift your spirits? It totally influences my day and I bet it does yours too! I don't consider myself a fashion snob at all and yet, I just feel good when I wear certain things. Silly perhaps but the day I bring my flip flops out for the season, my heart beats faster! The day I break out my winter hats and mittens, my shoulders sag a bit. Guess you can tell I am a summer person through and through!

The Sound of Sunshine (by Michael Franti)

Summer is completely a sensory time for me; the smell of the beach roses and low tide, the sound of windy days and a slack sail when the wind changes, the beauty of nature and color that envelopes me, the feel of the flip flops on my feet and the soft sari silk skirt against my body, and the tastes of salt water and lobster all make me quite sure that summer is the most blissful time of year! So get out and do some adventuring!

three women smiling

And in caring about our world, I have also discovered the site Being outside and taking care of our world are all part of a philosophy that I really love and adhere to. We only have one earth and in being globally conscious, Darn Good Yarn believes in providing work to women and also, advocates for using recycled materials. We care about the beauty of this one earth and offer ways to be stewards. We love the versatility of our skirts that shares in their blog post.

Today I learned of two more ways to wear our skirts that I really love. Someone had a sun burn and couldn't stand to put on her shirt so she had an aha moment and wrapped her sari silk skirt as a loose fitting halter top and felt instant relief. A mom loves the skirts for cover while nursing. All great ideas! 

Summer in the City (The Lovin' Spoonful)

close up of sari wrap skirts

Sure! I'm dating myself by sharing song titles some of which are dated. It's okay because I am proud of all the summers I have enjoyed and love having a song in my heart. I have on my one of my sari skirts and am considering some other summer skirts as I change my wardrobe around. I love that I am helping women around the globe and feeling darn good, too!

I do intend to do some hiking this summer, sail, and wear my sari skirts every chance I get. Cotton skirts are another way to keep cool. Have fun, stay cool, and enjoy the season!  What  are you going to be doing with your summer? Sing the song o' the season and dance your happy dance. Happy Summer from the staff of Darn Good Yarn!