A petite girl with brown hair, a white tee shirt, a bright yellow-green wrap skirt, and white sneakers is posing in a park under the shade of a large tree.

Summer Sari Wrap Skirt 2022 Style Guide

Hello, sunshine, we've been waiting for you! This season is all about bright colors. Specifically your bright greens, oranges, blues and pinks. Break out the mini skirts because they are a trend to watch for . The 70’s are back with bold prints, flower power, and color blocking. But overall this season is all about having fun + wearing clothes that make you feel happy. See below for a few ways to style your Sari Wrap Skirt for Summer 2022.

Flowy Farmers Market

Our mini Sari Wrap Skirt is a perfect fit for a flowy button-up. Pair with loafers for the farmers market or sandals for the beach!

A petite girl is enjoying her ice cream come on a wall on a sidewalk. She's wearing a pink bucket hat, a lavender tank top, and a pink/blue/gold sari wrap skirt!
Ice cream is an important outfit staple
A petite girl with brown hair is wearing a white button up shirt that is knotted at her waist. She's wearing a gold and purple floral sari wrap skirt and she's leaning up against a dark gray wall.
Bucket hats are a summer staple
Band Jam Casual

Keep it cool + casual with a tea length Sari Wrap Skirt and your favorite t-shirt. Throw on some sneakers and you have a simple, trendy look.

A brown haired woman is wearing a black taylor swift band shirt with her bright orange, pink and white sari wrap skirt. She has a bright green purse hanging over her skirt as she reaches both hands up to run her fingers through her hair.
Make a statement with your favorite band tee and some fun sunnies.
Brunch & Fun

One skirt = endless options! Brunch with the girls calls for a halter dress. Transform your skirt into so many fun looks. Visit our website for styling tutorials.

A woman is smiling at the camera, her brown hair pulled back. She's wearing a sari wrap skirt in different warm shades of gold, orange, and red as a halder dress with dark cowboy boots.
Cowboys boots are in this summer- pair them with a dress or skirt!
Hot Summer Date Nights

Dress it up for date night! Pair an ankle Sari Wrap Skirt with a flirty tank top, simple jewelry and kitten heels.

A woman with brown hair wearing a soft pink friled tank top and a wine colored sari wrap skirt. In her right hand she's holding a cute black and white clutch purse.
Don't forget a cute clutch!
Colorful Beach Bum

Wear your dress with a cute sport bikini top to give yourself a little more coverage when you finally hit the beach! If that ocean breeze is a little too much for you, you can tie your skirt into a shawl for a little extra warmth. 

A person with blue hair has their back to the camera. They are wearing a white and rainbow skirt and a bathing suit top that is a shark pattern gray. To their right is the ocean and they are walking along the shore at the beach.
Easy to pack away in your beach bag!
Sweet Picnic

Going for a lovely picnic in the park? Brighten up your skirt with a simple white tee and clean sneakers for a crisp and sweet look.

A petite girl with brown hair, a white tee shirt, a bright yellow-green wrap skirt, and white sneakers is posing in a park under the shade of a large tree.
Nothing beats a simple top and a colorful skirt

Our favorite part of summer? We can finally air dry our skirts the natural way!! 

On a deck over looking a backyard and a bright blue pool are a line of rainbow colored sari wrap skirts, laid over the railing to dry in the sun.
That's a beautiful sight!

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