Spooky movies to watch while knitting (or crocheting!) a cozy sweater this Fall!

Written by Gabby Kernozek

The air is getting colder, leaves are falling, candy corn is in every store imaginable. As Summer transitions into Fall as a crafter, so do our projects. Projects begin to get even cozier and gifts for the holidays become more frequent. As you begin to fill up your project to-do list it is important to still cherish the season as we are in it!

As avid Fall, Halloween and Spooky season lovers we're here to help you step up your seasonal crafting up a notch! Grab some cider, your favorite yarn and make sure the TV remote is nearby!

 As you begin to fill up your project to-do list it is important to still cherish the season as we are in it! We are fans of having something playing on the TV to help pass the time while enthralled in a project. Whether it be used as background noise or a show/movie you've been dying to watch multitasking while you craft can be a great time.

 On average the median time to knit a sweater from start to finish is about 21 hours of knitting according to Medium.com. Here are some spooky movies that are perfect to stay festive as you knit a cozy sweater this Fall!

A group of four people are sitting on a couch, screaming as they watch a scary movie. They're in a video frame, surrounded by different colored cakes of multicolored yarn on a wooden table.
  1. Scream (1h 40m)
  2. Hocus Pocus (1h 36m)
  3. Halloweentown (1h 24m)
  4. IT  (2h 26m)
  5. Halloween (1h 31m)
  6. Friday the 13th (1h 35m)
  7. Nightmare On Elm Street (1h 31m)
  8. Chucky (1h 27m)
  9. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1h 23m)
  10. Coraline (1h 55m)
  11. Addams Family (1h 45m)
  12. Beetlejuice (1h 32m)
  13. Corpse Bride (1h 14m)

Total hours: 20 hours and 59 minutes

All with 1 minute to spare to admire your hard work and festiveness!

If you’re looking for some sweater knit and crochet patterns, we’ve got you covered - literally!

Knit Sweater Patterns

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Happy watching & happy crafting 🎃🧶

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