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Soul Star, the Star Chakra : White Color Theory

Written by Kate Curry

What Are Chakras?

It’s amazing how much of our current day-to-day lives are affected by beliefs and traditions from thousands of years ago. Chakras, a concept from the beginning of Hinduism (from around 1500 and 500 BC) are a very important aspect or Tantra of Hinduism.

Chakra, meaning “wheel” in Sanskrit, refers to the wheels within us that are made of energy. Everybody has even these wheels that align along our spines. Each wheel is associated with a different color, organs, elements, gemstones, and emotions. These chakra wheels have been referred to as having important effects on our spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health.

The Function Of The White Chakra

The final, and least known chakra, is called the Soul Star and is found floating above your head. This chakra is often symbolized by a glowing star of bright white. This chakra is seen as the gateway of divine love and spiritual wisdom. This chakra is connected to your higher self and can be used as a powerful balancing and self-centering tool.

On a white watercolor background, a black silhouette sitting crossed leg in front of a multi-white colored lotus.

The star chakra is said to be connected to the energy of our soul’s past  and has an effect on:

  • Mind
  • Skull
  • Soul
  • Energy

The Soul Star chakra is also associated with gemstones:

  • Clear Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Beryllonite
  • Clear Danburite

Your Soul Star chakra can be used as a powerful mental and spiritual tool to help you stay attuned and connected with your surroundings, both physical and spiritual. With the aid of the Soul Star chakra, many yogis have claimed to be able to heighten their metaphysical abilities and even learn about the past lives of their soul!

White Chakra Color and It’s Meaning

Our Soul Starchakra is symbolized with a blinding white. Across the world, the color whtie has multiple cultural, societal, and spiritual meanings. There’s also personal connections to colors as well which can influence your relationship with colors.

In the traditional Hindu sense, white symbolizes:

  • Peacefulness
  • Rebirth
  • Cleanliness
  • Death

Here are some other cool cultural connections with the color white

Asia: Mourning, death, and funerals

Western Countries: Neutrality, peace, purity.

Middle Eastern Country: Mourning, peace, and equality.

White, depending on where you’re from, can mean two very different types of get togethers. If you’re from the west, you can be joining a wedding, whereas if you’re from Asia, you might be showing up to a funeral. White, often confused as the absence of color, is actually the combination of all colors across the spectrum!

Wearing Soul Star

A person with short blonde hair is sitting on a large branch in the everglades, wearing a black crop top, and a red, white, and green tie dye sari wrap skirt.

Haven’t you ever heard that you don't wear Soul Star after Labor day? Yeah, that rule is old news! White, while a pain in the rear to clean if you’re messy crafters like us, can give you a fresh, clean, and elegant look that can make you shine bright in a world of neutrals.

Crafting With Soul Star 

An Indian woman is sitting on the ground, working on a crochet white and multicolored granny square shawl.

One of the best things about crafting with white is the possibilities! Do you leave it as it is, dye it, or a mix of the two? When crafting with white, you are working with a blank slate to do and express yourself as you please. With white materials, you can make something precious and special like a baby blanket or a treasured family heirloom!

If you’re looking for some white and dyeable yarn, we’ve got you covered!

Our Soul Star Clear Quartz  Kit

Mystical Clear Quartz energy bundle with all items showing in front of a white background. 2 clear quartz crystals, 2 skeins sparkle worsted weight silk, 1 skeins chakra beaded cotton yarn, 3 color sari silk ribbon sample card, and coordinating furoshiki.

If you're looking to amp up your crafting energy, we have the perfect kit for you! Our 8 Chakras Energy Bundles are inspired by Soul Star and the other 7 chakras. Each kit comes with a variety of handmade eco-friendly yarn, crystals, and a gorgeous furoshiki wrap that will help charge your creative flow!

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