Skirt of the Month Club: FAQ's & Answers

Skirt of the Month Club: FAQ's & Answers

Welcome to the DGY's Skirt of the Month Club, where style meets sustainability at just $30 a month!

Darn Good Sari Wrap Skirt of the Month Promo for January "London" theme

For starters - what do you get?

For only $30 a month, you receive your choice of Seasonal or Original Sari Wrap Skirts

What’s the difference?

Seasonal Skirt of the Month allows for you to take part in our Wanderlust theme!
Every month unveils a new destination, along with a curated complimentary item, a chosen length (waist size remains your choice), a featured color palette, and exciting extras! For example: our January Skirt of the Month theme is London!
Enjoy the hues of London fog, mixed with industrial blues and bold reds but don’t forget your passport! ;)

Original Skirt of the Month allows for you to take control over what you get: size, length & color preferences!
With our Original Skirt of the Month subscription, you can choose your size & length each month - you can even change your preferences and order notes as you please (if you need help, our amazing customer service team is just an email away!)

Artisan feature: Darn Good Sari Wrap Skirt artisan holding up a sign that says "I hand stitched your skirt"

The Perks:

  • Your beautiful skirt delivered monthly - made from recycled material, empowering the lives of our artisans worldwide.
  • FREE SHIPPING on every Skirt of the Month® shipment, including all add-ons ( Reduced Shipping Rates (as low as $3.95 in the US) on other orders just for being a member.)
  • Delight in a whopping 35% off site-wide coupon every month, just for being with us.
  • Enjoy 5% OFF and reduced shipping rates as low as $3.95 on every order.

Oh, and if you are one of those people who know exactly what they want - you'll want to check out Captain Sam’s Sales in our dedicated apparel Facebook group - you get $5 off each skirt from Sam with your SOTM subscription! 

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Darn Good Recycled Sari Silk Wrap Skirts on a clothesline


How do I know what the theme is?
Each theme will be announced at the beginning of the month, so you can choose to get it or go your own way :)

Do I get the curated complimentary item if I don't want the Wanderlust theme?

Can I change my billing/shipping date?

Can I choose to have a delivery every 2 months, versus each month?


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