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Shop Talk: Five Fantastic New Items from Darn Good Yarn

Have you seen all of the super amazing new items that we have? Darn Good Yarn just got in a huge shipment full of all of the things that you already know you love and several new things that you're going to love! Let me introduce you to five of them...

1) Thick and Thin Wool Felt Ball Yarn


Isn't this so fabulous and fun? This thick and thin wool yarn is created in Nepal and varies between worsted and chunky weight yarn. The wool is brought in from New Zealand, spun in Nepal into this amazing yarn, and then wool felt balls are sewn into it. This is going to make the perfect accessories...cowls, scarfs, perhaps a pair of mittens, poncho, or wrap. It comes in four brilliant colors...turquoise, black, purple and white. Which one are you going to get? Or are you like me and you think you're going to need one of each (at least)?

2) Laptop Cases


These stunning laptop cases are going to fly off the shelves...make sure to get one because they are a limited edition item! They are handmade by a new co-op group we are working with in Nepal. The group has been experimenting with fusing wool and sari pieces for this case - a super thick felt was handmade and combined with vintage sari silk pieces. The flap closure also has two snaps and hand-felted embellishments on the flap. They're going to make the perfect holiday gift for that artsy, creative person in your life...oh, that's you? OK, get one for yourself, too!

3) Felted Baby Shoes


These baby shoes are the best of both fun and vibrant, but with a soft sole, so they are perfect for that new walker! They are made with wet felting technique that uses only soap and hot water and they have a leather sole for durability. They come in two styles - Felted Flower, and simply Felted, and both are going to be perfect for the upcoming cold weather. Give these with a hand knit sweater or soft knit toy and everyone will be oohing and aahing over your perfect baby gift!

4) Five Pack of Reclaimed Silk Yarn Ribbon


This is the same reclaimed silk sari ribbon that you've always loved, you can just get it in a pack of five now! Let one of our color combinations inspire you...Naturescape with its golden, charcoal, and sage hues, Niagara Nights that will bring to mind a beautiful night sky and rushing water with its teals and periwinkle, Winey Goodness that will make you want to sit down and sip a glass while you knit away, and Jewel Tones with its sea foam, rose, and violet hues. What would you make with all of this luxurious silk yarn?

5) One Ply Hemp Yarn


Have you tried any of our hemp yarn yet? If not, now is a great time! We just got it in an amazing array of new colors...rusted red wagon, sweet teal, french sunflower, morning coffee, rustic orange, black of night, shaded dark green, and yummy purple. Is that enough for you? Perfect for washcloths, bag handles, market bags, outdoor seat cushions, or tablecloths! Hemp is a wonderful renewable resource and this, or something made from it, would be the perfect gift for the vegan crafter in your life.

We're so excited to bring you these fantastic brand-new products from the women's co-ops in India and Nepal! We love what we do here at Darn Good Yarn and most of all we love that you are helping us do it!