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Sari Skirt Colors That Will Match Your Hair Color & Skin Tone

Written by Kate Curry

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect sari wrap skirts, there can be a ton of options to consider. Once you’ve discovered your perfect size and length, you still have to pick your color! For a first timer, we think the best bet would be to select a color that compliments your hair color and/or skin tone. We’ve come up with a few options that might work well for you! 

Hair Colors


A woman with white/gray hair is standing at the edge of a fenced deck, wearing a dark shirt and a pale teal sari wrap mini skirt.

Best Options: Cool reds, deep blues, bright pinks, and most neutrals.

Avoid: Shades of gray, gold metallics, and sage greens.


A woman with long brown hair and wearing a pair of jeans and a colorful purple tunic is leaning on the bumper of an old mint green vintage car,

Best Options: Cool blues, greens, and oranges.

Avoid: Pastels, especially pastel pink and yellow.


An african american woman is leaning against a gray concrete wall. She's wearing a navy blue tank top and a navy blue sari wrap skirt.

Best Options: Black, purple, greens, golds, and teals.

Avoid: Earthy shades of browns and neutrals .


An older woman wearing a blue blouse, a straw hat, and a pink and purple sari wrap skirt is walking through a gorgeous green grassy meadow.

Best Options: Warm yellows, rust, oranges, reds, and blues

Avoid: Black, any shade of pink, and white.


A pale woman with red hair is walking through a wooded park, wearing a black shirt, a green sari wrap mini skirt, and a black hat.

Best Options: Jewel tones, reds, and whites.

Avoid: Black, powder blue, and any shade of yellow.

Skin Tones

When finding your skin tone, you don’t just look at colors. You look at undertones, such as cool, warm, or neutral to help you find what works best for you. Any and all skin colors can be cool, warm, or neutral. To help you, here’s a list of (typically) which colors look best based on undertones and general color tones.

Warm: Warm spice colors like red, orange, yellow, certain shades of pinks, and golds

Neutral: Neutral shades of white, black, blue, red, and green

Cool: Cool jewel colors like blue, green, purple, certain shades of pink, and teal.

When it comes to picking a color that matches your complexion, there are 3 colors that are universally flattering for everyone! These colors are: eggplant purple, a true red, and green. No matter what complexion you have, you will be able to rock these three colors!


A person with short blonde hair is sitting on a large branch in the everglades, wearing a black crop top, and a red, white, and green tie dye sari wrap skirt.

Best Options: Peaches, teals, bright and vibrant jewel tones.

Avoid: White, black, and any deep, dark color.


A woman with brown hair is smiling on the beach in the sun, wearing a black bikini and a red mini sari wrap skirt.

Best Options: Pastels, think of baby blues and purples, as well as soft neutrals. 

Avoid: Black, colors that are too deep, or colors that are neon.


A collage of a woman wearing a black shirt, a yellow skirt, a jean jacket, and a black fedora.

Best Options: Warm and rich earth tones like brown, rust, red, purples, and army green.

Avoid: White, pink, and shades of neon

Golden Brown

A gorgeous woman with a large afro, a pink and orange twist top, and an orange sari wrap skirt, is posing underneath a flowering bush.

Best Options: Sunset colors like amber, teal, deep purples and pinks.

Avoid: Blues, pastel greens, and pastel yellows.


A black woman wearing a pale blue crop top and a blue sari wrap skirt is standing in a wooden cabin.

Best Options: Black, gray, deep jewel tones, white, and pink.

Avoid: Earth tones, yellows, rusts, and light browns.

Find Your Perfect Skirt

Do you need to see your skirt before you buy? Not to worry! We have just the thing for you! Our one-of-a-kind sari wrap skirt page let's you view skirts that you can purcahse directly from our site.

We hope this helps you find the perfect skirt to match the perfect you!

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