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We Love Recycled Chunky Yarn

Our Darn Good Yarn bulky weight yarns give you the materials you need to craft from the heart with sustainable, eco-friendly fibers made from recycled sari silks and other responsibly sourced materials. We create employment for underprivileged artisans around the globe while bringing the joy of color to your knitting and crochet projects! We truly take pride in sourcing, offering and supplying yarns that are people and earth friendly.

Windswept Sari Ribbon

Close-up of windswept sari ribbon on white background -  a blue and indigo yarn with rainbow streaks, sourced from sustainable materials.

This Windswept Ribbon has a jazzy texture with a fabulous organic edging that adds to any craft project.

  • Length/Weight: 35 yards/100 grams
  • Material: 100% Recycled Sari Silk
  • Weight: 5- Bulky
  • Needles: 11+
  • Hooks: K+
  • Gauge: 3-4 knit stitches per inch/ 2-3 crochet stitches per inch
  • Handmade With Love In: India

Recycled Silk Yarn "Lux Adventure"

A unique, maroon-fuchsia colored ball of yarn made from recycled materials.

Our Lux Adventure collection is luxurious, soft, and delicious, with a vibrant, colorful punch! Made of 100% Premium Silk, this yarn is sinfully soft to the touch, while still maintaining characteristics of its sister yarn, our Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn. Join us on the adventure this yarn takes from being handspun in our co-ops in India, to your completed project!

  • Length/Weight: 50 yards/100 grams
  • Yarn Weight: Between 4 - Worsted and 5 - Bulky 
  • Yarn Material: Silk
  • Needle Size: 9-11 
  • Hook Size: I, J, K 
  • Gauge (knit/crochet): 3-5 / 2-3 sts per inch
  • Physical Quality: Soft, rich and warm - almost fuzzy texture
  • Best for: Knitting, Crochet, Weaving, Jewelry Making, Home Decor, Mixed Media - check out our Arctic Snowball Hat and our Crochet Scarf Pattern
  • Handmade With Love In: India

Neon Handmade Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn

Yarn cake in the color sodium orange with a white background.

Neon! This reclaimed ribbon yarn is "POP"ing! Each skein is made by hand from start to finish by the artisans in our co-ops in India from hand torn vintage silk saris.  

  • Length/Weight: 45 yards/100g 
  • Yarn Weight: 5 - Bulky 
  • Yarn Material: Sari Silk
  • Needle Size: 11+
  • Hook Size: M/N+
  • Gauge (knit/crochet): 3-4 / 2-3 sts per inch
  • Physical Quality:  Varying textures and widths of ribbon, no elasticity, lovely color variety
  • Best for:Knitting, Crocheting, Jewelry Making, Home decor 
  • Handmade With Love In: India

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