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Projects YOU Can Make With Your Kid's Craft Box!

As summer begins and online classes end, your kids might be looking for something creative to do. As an ex-Art Teacher, I've found that some kids need a little inspiration when given a box-load of raw crafting materials. :) 

Here are a few examples of what you and your little crafting buddies can made with your crafting box! 

Project One: Pom Pom Animals

What you will need:

  • Pom Pom Kit (included) 
  • Paper (included) 
  • Glue (not included) 
  • Marker (not included) 

Step One: Open your pom pom kit included in your box and follow the steps 1-3. :)
Step Two: Using your notepad included in your bundle, draw some cute little animal faces 
Step Three: Cut the animal faces out and glue (not included) to your pom pom. 
Step Four: You now have some cute furry buddies

On a wooden table sits the instructions included in our DGY pom pom kits, a finished brown pom pom, and a pair of scissors.On a white note pad, bordered by purple flowers, a hand is drawing a bunny with a red marker.Two finished brown pom poms are sitting on an old window sill. The pom poms have cut-out paper animal faces pasted onto the pom poms.

Project Two: Beaded Wiggle Snakes 

What you will need:

  • Jewelry Kit (included) 
  • Pipe Cleaners (not included) 
  • Glue (not included) 
  • Googly eyes (not included) 

Step One: Tie a knot at the end of your pipe cleaner to make the snake’s tail 
Step Two: Using your DGY jewelry kit, thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner, leaving an inch of pipe at the end to create the head
Step Three: With the inch of pipe, fold it over itself to create the snake’s head 
Step Four: Using googly eyes (if you’re unlike me and lucky enough to have them in your house- I had to use paper eyes), glue those eyes to your snake’s head 
Step Five: Bend your snake into different fun shapes!

A jewelry kit is sitting on a wooden table. A brown pipe cleaner is shown below the kit.A hand is threading the blue and silver beads from the jewelry kit onto the brown pipe cleaner. The brown pipe cleaner, now covered in the beads, is now folded at the ends so that the beads cannot slid off the pipe cleaner. Three of the finished bead snakes (brown pipe cleaners covered in beads with googly eyes) are sitting on an old white window sill.

Project Three: Stick Wall Hanging  

What you will need:

  • Yarn (included) 
  • Sari Fabric (included)  
  • Beads (included) 
  • Scissors (not included) 
  • A Stick (not included)

Step One: Find a stick and clean it :)  Do not let your dog steal your stick 

A stick is sitting on a wooden table, ready to be made into a wall hanging. A super cute black pit bull dog is sitting at the other end of the table, wishing her mother would give her the stick.
Step Two: Using strips of the sari fabric, yarn, and beads from your kit, create a unique wall hanging. In mine, I cut up some sari fabric into strips, added some beads to the yarn, and used some of my favorite yarn that was in my box

Step Three: Tying each end of the stick with some yarn or the sari fabric, create the ‘hook’ to hang your wall hanging 

A stick is sitting on a wooden table. The same stick is now being decorated with yarn and ribbon. The multicolored ribbon and yarn is being tied to the top of the stick so that the yarn/ribbon hangs down in strands.The finished wall hanging (the stick with the multicolored yarn hanging from the stick) in front of an old window.


Happy crafting!