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Positive Incantations For Crafters

Written by Kate Curry

Need a little help getting into your creative mojo? Positive incantations are a great way to step into your can-do crafting attitude, and get back to doing more of what you love!

How Are Incantations Different From Positive Affirmations?

An affirmation is a mantra, or a verbal reminder to step into a positive space. They can take many forms, but they always speak to the present moment. ‘I am’, ‘I am certain that’, ‘I have’ and ‘I know that’ are all common phrases to get started with. For example, “I will figure it out” could be transformed into “I have the tools I need to figure it out.” or simply, “I am resourceful.” This technique makes it a point to be ready and able in the here and now, rather than falling into the cycle of always-someday. 

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Affirmations are fantastic! However, sometimes we need a little extra push to get going… That’s where incantations come in. An incantation is a full-body version of an affirmation. They are still in the present tense, but they go one step further to include vocal tone, facial expression, movements, and even starter tasks.

Did you know?

Unless you’re an extremely skilled actor, it’s impossible to say “I’m really sad” in a sad voice, while making a convincing, happy facial expression. Give it a try!

How To Perform A Positive Incantation

This method is called ‘acting as if’, and it aligns with the Law Of Attraction. ‘Acting as if’ is the practice of becoming the person who already has what you want to get, and already is who you want to be, right now at this moment. We’re going to give a few examples below, so to use these incantations, focus on feeling and being them. Make them real now by allowing yourself to embody them.

A magical hand with swirling smoke, stars, and clouds revealing a ball of purple yarn.

I am a person who finishes what I start.

Look at your finished projects. Pick one up and hold it, and consider how much time has gone into each of them. Think of where you were when you made them, and when in your life that was. Playback your memories of showing these projects to others when they were finished, and how you displayed them.

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I am overflowing with inspiration.

Challenge yourself to think of every different kind of positive emotion you can remember. As you go, find a memory that illustrates each of them, and physically act out that feeling. What makes you smile, smirk, gasp, or giggle? Notice just how much there is to explore.

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I have the skills I need to complete this project.

Call into focus a time when you were confident in your abilities, then reflect back to when you first learned those skills. Compare your current anxieties to your past nervousness, until they seem so small that you let out a chuckle.

A magical hand with swirling smoke, stars, and clouds revealing a ball of pink yarn.

I know and respect the value of my creations.

Call into your mind a time when a gift you made, or a piece that you shared with someone was truly appreciated. Remember how it felt, and allow yourself to feel it again now. If you have an idea or a work in progress, imagine how you will first reveal it to a specific person and act it out, knowing that they will love it.

It can take a little bit of practice to learn this process, but once you get it down, the results are truly incredible! Taking just a few minutes a day to embody your desires can change not just the way you think, but the way you honestly feel, as well.

When in doubt, act it out!

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