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Pick A Holiday Treat And We'll Tell You What Yarn You'll Love

Written by Gabby Kernozek

Pick a holiday treat, and we will tell you what yarn we think you'll love! Trust us - we’re fiber experts! 


A warm glass of eggnog on the left, with a nest of multicolored premium silk yarn on the right

Eggnog is a holiday party classic but not loved by everyone.

Because you are a lover of rich, unique treats, we think you will love our Premium Sari Silk Handspun Yarn! This is the yarn Nicole started her company with. However, this yarn is made fully of recycled material making its texture different from typical yarn. This may be a step out of some crafters' comfort zone, but the final pieces made with this yarn truly to bring joy to others!

Gingerbread Cookies

On the left, a pile of iced gingerbread cookies, with a nest of red windswept ribbon yarn on the right.

A  fun and yet  classic seen on nearly every dessert tray during the holidays. This sweet snack is truly a fan favorite but, beware this cookie does have a kick you cannot ignore!

Just like our red Windswept Sari Ribbon. This yarn is hard not to notice. It's stunning and cozy all in one. 

Sugar Cookies

On the left, is an iced christmas tree sugar cookie, with a cake of white and rainbow sparkle worsted weight silk yarn on the right.

You're a kid at heart and show your sweet side to everyone. 

For a cookie as likable as the sugar cookie we'd go with a yarn that looks equally as sweet! 

If a sugar cookie is your go to dessert we think you will LOVE our Sparkle Worsted Weight Silk Yarn in colorway “Birthday Cake” 


Flutes of golden champagne on the left, while a cake of sparkling blue worsted weight silk yarn on the right.

If you are bypassing these cookies and going straight for a champagne flute instead we know you have a liking or the classy things in life. You know how to get the day started with some mimosas!

Just like champagne you are drawn to things that pair well with others. Just like our Sparkle Worsted Weight Silk Yarn Classic Blue

This yarn speaks for itself. Beautiful on its own and equally as gorgeous paired with another yarn. 

Fruit Cake

Hearty fruit cake on the left, with a nest of multicolored banana fiber silk yarn on the right.

Your  favorite dessert is not only unique but tends to be an acquired taste. Just like our Banana Fiber Yarn - Kaleidoscope. It's not for everyone but those who love it, LOVE it! 

Happy snacking, happy crafting and happy holidays! 

Meet the Author

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Gabby graduated college in 2020 with a degree in Business Administration and a Marketing concentration. Outside of work, she enjoys embroidering, learning new recipes, going to concerts, playing volleyball, being with friends and family.