Part III of how it all started - Darn Good Yarn

Part III of how it all started

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So last time I left you, we were talking about Mike's transfer and what I was going to do with Around the Om.

Due to constraints with our impending move, we were limited by weight and I couldn't bring all of the inventory I accumulated with me. So I turned to Beth and asked if she would store and ship my items. Very very very luckily for me, she agreed. She is super supportive and always helped me with a plethora of ideas. She also seemed to have a good eye for what product would sell well on the west coast. After a few moves over the past two years, I got a little burned out in the Around the Om department. Finally, after being settled for more than 4 months I turned to Beth again to get my first business going again. Supportive as ever, she said yes and here we are! Tadah!

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We are now working together to pump new blood into the items we love and continue to import. We work hard to ensure items are fairly traded and people in the supply chain are paid fairly. Many of our items are limited in quantity too and priced for the holidays!

Thanks for taking your time to find out how Around the Om got started!