Our Top 25 Favorite Instagram Knitters

Here at Darn Good Yarn we see a lot of awesome knitting projects made by our customers and other yarn-enthusiasts. Today, we're endeavoring to give these awesome fiber artists some of the credit that they deserve by showing off their talent! We hope that their projects provide you with encourage and inspiration in your own crafting. in your Here are out top 25 favorite knitters on Instagram!

1. Theresa Denham (@teganandlu)

 Theresa Dunham's Instagram channel, @teganandlu, is full of images featuring her children, her dog, and her beautiful yarn creations! You may recognize her name from out last episode of Wine Down Wednesday. She also designed our Whimsical Winter Wall Hanging!

2. Daniella Hua (@OddKnotsAndThreads)

Do you love unique handmade accessories and holiday decor? If so, you will definitely love Danilla Hua's Instagram channel, Odd Knots and Threads! Daniella was featured in our first episode of Wine Down Wednesday and designed our sari silk clutch pattern

3. @YessysDesigns

If one of your goals in life is to keep yourself and everyone you love warm with your yarn creations, you will probably be able to relate to Yessy of Yessy's Designs. The impressive compilation of hats, gloves, and scarves that she has made is worth admiring! 

4. Ashley (@ToastyTribeHandmades) 

Ashley makes hats, scarves, and fashionable sweaters with exceptional skill. Her channel not only includes stunning pictures of her creations, but also patterns, project ideas, and posts about motherhood. 

5. Courtney Little (@IvyandAutumn) 

Love DIY fashion? That's what Courtney Little's Instagram channel is all about! If your looking for inspirational to make your own scarves, sweaters, socks, and more, you need to follow Courtney! 

6. Eliana Epstein (@knitsprout)

Eliana creates a variety of clothing and household items that will have you believing that just about anything can be made from yarn! Check out her channel and her Etsy shop. 

7. @TwoWinks

Most recently, we were impressed with a beautiful scarf that the mastermind behind Two Winks created with some of our silk weight, dyeable yarn that she masterfully dyed herself. However, this is not the only impressive thing to be found on her channel. Follow Two Winks to see a variety of skillfully knitted hats, scarves, and more! (PS, Her baby is cute too!).

8. Juli @NorthernLoopKnitwear

Do you love mittens? Do projects made with chunky yarn make you happy to be alive? Do you find joy and inspiration in perfectly ascetic images of yarn and knitting? These are all great reasons to start following Julia right now! 

9. Chantal Barnett (@YarniqueBlog)

 This channel isn't just unique. It is, in fact, "yarnique". To accompany her blog, Chantal's Instagram channel will grace your feed with knitted women's clothing, baby accessories, winter accessories, and, sometimes, the patterns you need to make them yourself! 

10. Lauren Tran (@Laurenmychelle)

It may be warm in sunny California, but this doesn't stop Lauren from making awesome scarves and knitwear! She is also an excellent photographer! Follow her channel to see stunning pictures of yarn as well as inspiring projects! As is the case with many of our favorites, following Lauren can also provide you with knitting patterns you can't find anywhere else! 

11. Amanda (@Attic166) 

Amanda's channel possesses a rustic style that reminds one of a chilly forest in late fall or early winter. Such an environment would be perfect for the flawless hats and scarves that Amanda creates and shows off on her channel! A knitter and crocheter, Amanda is the perfect artist to follow if you need motivation to create things that will help keep you warm! 

12. Dana @CutieCakesSwelt

Dana is a German knitter with a number of hobbies. Her channel is all about knitting, clothing, and healthy living. If these three things are passions of yours as well, start following Dana! 

13. Diana @DianaChabai

I don't know about you, but I love following anyone of Instagram who's got a cute dog. Diana not only has an adorable pup, but she's also an amazing knitter who makes scarves, gloves, and hats! With her therapeutically even stitches and heart warming images of Lola, Diana's channel will definitely improve your mood. 

14. Chelsea Scoggin (@KnittingMunchkin)

Chelsea is just getting started as an Instagram knitter, and her projects have continuously been beautifully made! We especially love what Chelsea has done with some of our favorite yarns, including  Recycled Silk Spice Market and DK Weight Recycled Herbal Dyed Silk

15. Andrea Schultz (@UnusuallyCreated)

Multicolored knitting project and needles, paper knitting pattern, and a white coffee mug on a granite countertop

From canned fruits to stellar knits, Andrea is a DIY master! If you too aspire to be a DIY master, or consider yourself one already, you need to follow Andrea. Her channel features not only flawless knitting projects, but homemade decor and edibles as well! 

16. @TreeTownArts

 The skilled knitter behind Tree Town Arts is responsible for a fantastic variety of home decor! If you want to start using yarn to decorate the wall space in your apartment, house, or office, check out the wall hangings and more that are proudly displayed on the Tree Town Arts Instagram channel! 

17. Jackie (@StriveKnits)

Beauty, simplicity, symmetry, knitting. If this series of words seems great to you, you will love Jackie's channel. Follow her for unique, bright, and eye-pleasing hat, sweater, and yarn images! 

18. Jill Karina (@JillKarnia_Knits)

This channel is the perfect one to follow during the season of sweater weather! A knitter and a mom, Jill knits beautiful sweaters and displays them in bright, cheerful images!

19.  Ileana (@TheKniftyKnitster) 

If pictures of other people knitting gives you the motivation to knit too, this channel is for you! The Ileana of  The Knifty Knitster creates a variety of projects including hats and scarves. 

20. @ThePetiteKnitter

If you live in a place with cold winters, perhaps you feel more motivated to knit seasonal comfort items such as blankets and scarves. The Petite Knitter lives on an Island in the Arctic Ocean, so you know that each item she creates is made to ensure optimal warmth! Her channel includes serene images of knitting projects, yarn, and wintertime scenery! 

21.Kate (@KnitologyCo)

Kate's channel is an extension of her company's website, KnitologyCo.com. Featuring everything from hats and scarves to warm beverages to cats, this Instagram channel is all about staying  cozy!

23. Jaz (@ThatKnitLife)

We love Jaz's channel not only because of the awesome project images featuring on it, but also because Jaz shares some of the same ideals that we here at Darn Good Yarn support! That Knit Life will not only inspire you to knit, but also, as it says in the bio, to create and to be kind. 

24. Yvonne (@aidasofie_knits)

Yvonne specializes in making beautiful knitted items for kids! If you have kids of your own, or your friends have kids that you would like to create awesome DIY gifts for, we definitely advise you to follow Yvonne!

25. Allie (@HiggSmith_Knits)

There's something about stunning images of yarn and knitting that can make you feel warmer and more creative all by themselves. For more images like that, follow Allie! Her channel you will not only inspire you to knit, but also to love a more comfortable and beautiful life. 


We hope that you've enjoyed our picks for top 25 favorite knitters! If you've been inspired by one of these channels to create your next project, let us know!