A picture of our DGY warehouse from above. You can see our packing stations to the left, and the aisles of skirts, yarn, and storage containers to the right.

Order Confirmation? See what happens next!

Welcome to Team DGY!

If you're reading this, that means that you've recently placed an order with us - thank you so much for your support! 

While you wait for your order, I'd like to show you what goes into your order on our end! 

What happens when you place your order

Orders are printed out, sorted and picked by hand. No machines here! When your order is printed, you'll receive an email from us letting you know that your order is being processed. This email will also contain a tracking link. If the tracking link shows something similar to any of these options: 

Tracking information from FedEx, showing no movement on the order.
Tracking information from DHL, showing no movement on the order.
Tracking information from UPS, showing no movement on the order.

When do I actually see the tracking info update?

Please don't worry!

If your order has just been printed, there is not going to be any movement on the tracking information until your order is picked up and scanned by the carrier. This can take up to 48 hours depending on a few variables, such as: weather delays, pandemic-related delays, or an overwhelmed postal service. Don't worry, your package is safe in the hands of our warehouse team. 

Speaking of safe- our dedicated warehouse team's number one priority is safety! Following all NYS safety protocols, our warehouse team takes the time and care to pick and pack your order, paying careful attention to your order notes. With this personal touch, we always start at love with each purchase. From the very beginning of Darn Good Yarn, starting at love has always been our mission. 

Once your order is picked and packed, your order will be picked up by one of our awesome carriers. This is when you'll start seeing your tracking information begin to update! The carriers will scan and then transport your package to a local distribution center, where it is sorted to be sent to your local post office. 

Tracking information from DHL, showing a package being handed over to a local post office for distribution.
Tracking information from UPS, showing a package as delivered!

When the order is delivered to the local PO, your order's journey is almost over! You should be seeing your order at your doorstep any day! 

A kitty cat, sitting on the back of a couch, peering through the blinds of a window. The caption says 'Was that a delivery truck? Pretty sure I just heard a delivery truck.'

Order arrival!

When your order arrives, it's time to party! Rip away our packaging (we only use cardboard or eco-friendly recyclable polymailers) and take a look at the goodies inside! 

Let us know what you think!

We hope this order brings a little joy into your life and we can't wait to hear about how much you love it when it arrives! We are proud to offer the products that are handmade by our artisans. Your purchase helps to support hundreds of people around the world, making one small difference at a time. Thank you for being a member of a global community that cares. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about your order, please hit us up at info@darngoodyarn.com. We're always happy to hear from our friends! 

Talk to you soon! 

Team DGY 

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