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Nicole's Corner: Connecting with The Crochet Crowd

Phew! Time to sit down and take a break. It's been one jam packed week! And I mean that in a good way. Maggie rolled into town on Friday and we have been going at full blast ever since with meetings, planning, photos, and more meetings. It's been a week for making connections. I've learned that it pays to reach out to those around you, even if you're not sure if anything will come of it, even if you think that person is "bigger" than you, and especially if you think it's out of your comfort zone. Reaching out to those that can help you and those that you can help is an essential part of making your dreams happen.

That's what happened with Mikey of the The Crochet Crowd and me. Mikey and I have been internet friends since 2008 when we were both just beginning to make steps towards our dreams. A few weeks ago, Mikey told me he wanted to stop by our new space because he was going to be close by in Manchester, NY for a show. After six years of being friends online, we were finally going to meet. And on Monday, it happened! Mikey and Diva Dan stopped by and we had a fantastic, whirlwind, fun and laugh filled time together. We only left the shop to go get dinner (everyone else got Shepherd's Pie and I had a salad - I've got an image to uphold, you know!), and the rest of the time we sat surrounded by all of the fabulous yarns and shared potato chips and wine. 

You know how you meet some people and you just click? That's how it was. Mikey even contemplated crocheting something out of my hair...perhaps a new trend? Well, probably not, but it was fun! We tried to make our time together last as long as possible by staying up late and I sighed as they left, but Mikey and Dan left with armfuls of yarn and I can't wait to see what they make with it!

Another big announcement I'm so excited to make is that we are going to be at Stitches East! Of course I said, "YES!" when we got invited to come by CEO Benjamin Levisay. I loved our time together when he interviewed me for the Fiber Hooligan podcast and one of the things we talked about was how we had never met each other before. Now, I am sure we will get to meet and I'm ecstatic that Darn Good Yarn is going to be part of this event. If you're in the area, or if you can travel to make it, Stitches East will be held in Hartford, Connecticut from October 9-12. I would love, love, love to meet as many of you as possible there!

And one more story, just to keep it real here. I always love when Maggie comes to town and we work around the clock when she is here, making the most of every moment we have together and taking advantage of that synergy. So, on Tuesday, after a long weekend and our late night with Mikey and Diva Dan, I packed my bag for a day in the office. Maggie took one look at it and said, "So, I see it's going to be a real day." Yep, she was referring to the box of wine I had packed, my adult Juicy Juice, if you will, slipped right in there next to my notebook. I know me and I know a glass of wine is just what I'm going to want at the end of the day, so I prepare! Embracing your own quirkiness and those things that make you unique is essential to success. So many things want to change us, mold us and conform us, but Ralph Waldo Emerson spoke truth when he said, "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."