Nicole Snow Featured on Creative Queso Podcast with Jennifer Perkins

Listen to Nicole Snow's Interview with Jennifer Perkins on the Creative Queso Podcast!

If you're a podcast listener who thrives on podcasts geared towards creatives, perhaps you've already heard of the Creative Queso Podcast with Jennifer Perkins. If not, we're happy to introduce you to this great listen for the first time!

February 21st's episode of Creative Queso, entitled "Darn Good Yarn", features a live interview with our CEO and founder, Nicole Snow. 

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During this interview, Nicole talks about the origins of Darn Good Yarn and her motivation for starting and running this unique business. She and Jennifer discuss her passions for re-purposing recycled materials, providing sustainable employment for women at risk, and empowering women in business.

Nicole also shares some details about how her growing business is meeting its goal to Start @ Love, as well as some advice to other business owners on how they too can make a positive impact in the lives of their customers, suppliers, and employees through a Triple Bottom Line Business model. 

"It's [a triple line business model] measuring the success of your company based on... the three P's: Your Profitability, your impact on the Planet, and the People that surround your business". 

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