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New Pattern: The Red Taj Headscarf

This crochet headscarf is inspired by the classic Taj, the Persian and Arabic interpretation of a crown. It can be wrapped up to reflect a taj, a conical shaped, brimless hat, or it can be worn various other ways, using pins and tying techniques. 

Did you know that the Taj Mahal translates to "Crown Palace"?

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The Red Taj Headscarf sitting on a gray surface next to a pot of succulents, a basket full of books, blue pottery, and a metal lantern

Meet The Artist:

Harshini Fernando of Sassenach Designs rediscovered her love for crochet in 2017, as she was reminiscing on some of her favorite childhood memories. After teaching herself via YouTube videos, and asking her fellow crocheters for advice, she began to design her very own, original patterns. Her tip for other artisans is to be bold, and to be brave - create your own style, and don't be afraid to make mistakes!