Meet The Artist: Collin Falvey - Darn Good Yarn

Meet The Artist: Collin Falvey

Collin Falvey on beach at sunset wearing beautiful wig and black leotard

Name: Collin Falvey

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About The Artist:

Collin (AKA Ramona) is a fierce and determined artist who spends his time creating some of the most stunning drag and cosplay wigs that we have ever seen! With a clear natural talent, Collin's work inspires us to be bold and be true to ourselves!! We hope Collin inspires you, too! 

Q and A with the Artist

Q: Which of your creations is the most meaningful to you? (include pictures!)

A: As far as yarn, the most meaningful creation I've made would have been for Rupaul's Drag Race Star Crystal Methyd from Rupauls Drag Race.

A drag queen with multi-colored face paint wearing a colorful wig, necklaces, and bodysuit.

I have been an avid fan of the show for years and have danced for / worked with alot of the contestants. I remembering watching her on the show for the first time and instantly connecting to her art. I was like I have to meet / work with them someday and then by happen stance they reached out to me and let me make them a custom design based off one of my original pieces! It was so fun to collaborate and then to see them in my designs 

Collin's multicolored wig being shown on a white mannequin head, at 3 different angles.

I am also extremely proud to be acknowledged and respected as a queer artist at the White House. I have been decorating / designing pieces there for the last 7 years now under two administrations. I have never once felt more empowered as an LGBT Artist and American then to fully walk those hallowed halls, Skirt and All, and fully own who I am!

Collin, at the White House, beside a lit Christmas tree.

Q: When did you first start creating?

A: I've always been a maker, but my journey with Yarn began at the beginning of the pandemic. I'm always the type of person who would walk into a store, be it a thrift or craft store, and walk up and down every aisle to see products/items for what they are, and then to have them "speak" to me in terms of what they could be. When COVID first happened and the lock downs began, we all got a little anxious to get out of the lockdowns. When we were allowed to leave for a little bit each day, I walked passed the yarn section of our local Joann's and saw this very unique and textured thread that looked almost like mossy dread-locks. I thought they would make an amazing wig for a queen or photo shoot. So without knowing anything of what I was doing, I bout three Skeins, went home, and started playing.

Collin posing with his first ever wig: a moss green beauty!

From that day on, my business began and I haven't stopped since. 

Q: Which aspects of your life have inspired your art the most?

A: I fully believe anything and everything can spark inspiration. I never necessarily go looking for it, as I know that true creation will speak to me when it's ready. My whole life I have always felt a connection to my art in a way that it's never just a product of my hands/mind, but an expression of my purpose. A way of communicating with the world from my point of view.

Q: What was the most difficult piece of art that you’ve ever created?

A: The Most difficult piece: it took many many different trials and errors but the most difficult was cultivating the design and curation process for my "jewel looks". It took forever to learn how to adhere the stones so they could move and not break.

One of Collin's most difficult pieces. This is a black wig with large black gems.One of Collin's most difficult pieces. A snow white wig with large white gems.

Q: What has been your experience as an LGBTQIA+ artist and how has that influenced your creative process or pieces?

A: As an LGBTQ Artist, I feel we always work from the place of "the other" or the "eccentric". I don't mean that in a negative aspect though. From my own experiences like most others in the community, we grew up being known as the "other" the "weirdo" the "eccentric".... However, it's within those parameters that we thrive and flourish. For myself, I feel I'm most praised or respected, when I fully let go of others perceptions of me or my orientation and create from my authenticity. When I let my "freak flag fly" and create in the world of the "other/eccentric". I take those words now as a source of Power and Pride.

Q: What advice would you give to young artists or artists who are just starting to create?

A:  I would always tell anyone , no matter there age but especially up and coming youth, to LIVE AUTHENTICALLY. You will never truly find your purpose or talent when viewing yourself/art through the eyes of the world. One of my absolute favorite quotes: "Remember what if felt like when you saw a queer person owning it, and it gave you permission to be yourself? You're that person to someone!"

Ramona, dressed up as a Starbucks barista. She has flowers and Starbucks coffee cups in her wavy red hair.

Q: Do you have anything planned for the future- whether that be in your life or for your art?

A: My plans for the future are to dive-into my side hustles more in depth with experimentation and turn them into my Full-Time passion project! It is something that I'm close to achieving and am looking forward to exploring in the upcoming year.

Another of Collin's wigs being displayed on a white mannequin head. This wig is made with brown yarns, and has horns like a bull!