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Meet Lorraine Toth & Her Suncamoz!

Lorraine Toth sitting on a dock next to a lake wearing leopard print bikini, black shorts and brown suncamoz.

Do you recognize this stunning model?  

You should! Lorraine Toth is a host on our Sari Wrap Skirt Live Sales as well as a model you'll find all over our site! She also has other businesses such as Bettie's and Dollface Photography Studio! Talk about a badass business woman! 

Lorraine and Kate hosting a live sale on Facebook

Lorraine is an incredible person, one of the kindest and most positive people that we have the privilege to work with. So we are so excited to share Lorraine's new business with you! 

Lorraine was noticing that her skin was starting to burn during her daily commute. Everyday, on her 30 minute drive, she was starting to get sun damage on her chest through the car window. She tried to use sunscreen and covering up with a kitchen towel, but her chest was still turning red! 

While coming up with a solution, Lorraine thought of a garment made from the window-clings that you can attach to your car window to protect your baby from the sun. This idea transformed into a multi-layer garment that would provide the wearer with UVA/UVB protection for their skin! 

Lorraine's Suncamoz can be worn in two different ways (you know we love versatile clothes here at DGY!) It can be worn around the back of the next (aka the Cowboy Camos) or around the neck to cover the chest (Cleavage Camos). If you don't want to wear the Camo around your neck, it has snaps that you can use to attach it to your bra, swim suit strap, tank top, hat, construction helmet, or your seat belt if you're driving in the car! 

Lorraine lounging on a sand dune, wearing a teal wrap skirt and one of her gorgeous cleavage camos!A model is walking beside their bike, a suncamoz attached to the back of their helmet.

While she's waiting to get her callback from Sharktank, Lorraine and her Suncamoz can be found online at The Cleavage or Cowboy Camo are $34.95 with free shipping on all USA based orders! 

Check out Sun Camoz, Bettie's, Dollface Photography Studio and follow Lorraine on Instagram and Facebook:

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