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Meet Arjun Singh

Written by Kate Curry

Artisan Profile

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FEATURED ARTISAN: 5% of every purchase will go towards helping Arjun.

When our products are made, they need to be carefully folded, packed, and shipped out to our warehouse here in New York. Not only do our artisans handmake all of our products, but there are artisans that work hard on getting these products shipped safely and as quickly as possible!

Arjun Singh (pronounced Are-juhn Sing) packages all of our skirt boxes. He makes sure that the skirts are packed snuggly in the box, so that he can fit more skirts per-box, making shipping more Earth-friendly. Arjun makes sure that each box is protected so that nothing is damaged during the long journey from India to New York! 

Many of the artisans, like Arjun Singh, are working while they continue their education. Education is the key needed to get out of generational poverty, but opportunities for continued education are scarce for people that are poor or outside of the caste system

Arjun Singh hopes to graduate in the future. For now, he is still packing the skirt boxes; a friendly and positive force among the artisans, always smiling while he works. 

Arjun Singh is sitting on the floor, packing a cardboard box with products to be shipped to us at DGY headquarters in New York.
Arjun Singh packing a shipment of skirts

How You Can Help

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FEATURED ARTISAN: 5% of every purchase will go towards helping Arjun.

Darn Good Yarn's Sari Wrap Skirts are incredibly important to our artisans. Not only do they share the story of their rich culture, but these skirts help them survive! They don't have to work jobs that are dangerous, seasonal, or unfair - they can work with the security of knowing that our community supports their work. From the artisans to the customers that wear them, these skirts have helped change thousands of lives for the better all over the globe.

You can support artisans like Arjun by purchasing our Sari Wrap Skirts.

Meet the Author

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Kate has been on the Darn Good Yarn team since 2018.

They have their degree in Creative Art Therapy & Psychology - and like crafting and animals a little too much.